SMM Tools

SMM Tools

Social media marketing (SMM) continually evolves, and so are the social media marketing tools. Put simply, the most relevant SMM tools in 2013 may no longer be relevant this 2015. So, what the are newest tools that are worthy of giving a go?

1) Actionly

Actionly is a social media monitoring and listening platform with its own dashboard. Actionly’s mantra is to listen, engage and measure. The tool monitors sentiments, mentions conversations and keywords (brand and non-brand). You can also publish stories and reply to comments directly through the platform. Apart, you can track posts that resonate the best with your community. You can also search for influencers in your niche and connect with them.

Individual ($20/month), Business ($50/month) and Agency ($100/month)

Free trial

2) Awareness Hub

Awareness Hub offers a cloud-based SMM software suite. The firm offers end-to-end solutions, not just social listening and publishing. The solutions it offers include publishing and content marketing, scoring, profiling, listening and prospecting, and performance tracking and monitoring. It then gathers the data into actionable knowledge, accessible through a single interface.

A demo must be requested first

3) Beevolve

Beevolve is also a marketing and monitoring platform. What makes Beevolve different is its post statistics and retargeting visitors features. In terms of monitoring, it has a dashboard that displays information on social engagement based on demographics. The platform also features real-time conversations, brand advocates identification and competitive intelligence.

Starter ($19.95/month), Pro ($99.95/month), Enterprise ($499.95/month) and Large Enterprise (Custom)

Free trial (7 days)

4) Conversocial


Conversocial relies on a social first approach hence the suite of cloud-based social customer service solutions. It basically manages customer inquiries and discussions on various social media platforms.

A demo must be requested first

5) Curalate


With its tagline ‘Smarter Marketing Through Imagery,’ Curalate focuses on image-based social media channels such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Aside from the social analytics, Curalate offers Pinterest and Instagram-compliant campaigns and image scheduling. Other key features are image recognition technology, hashtag tracking, image tagging and user-generated image tracking.

A demo must be requested first

6) MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar, which works with channels as Facebook (including Facebook Pages), Twitter, and LinkedIn, is an app that promise to maximize your social media updates. The app does this through smart scheduling of your every update. You simply need to write the update, upload it to the app and the app will categorize it. You can also add a new category on your library. The update is stored in the library. MeetEdgar will post the update again when all the updates are exhausted.


An invitation must be requested first

7) Gazemetrix

Gazemetrix works by locating and managing your brand in social photos. Thus, it is easy to determine where posts containing your brand logo, for instance, are published. Gazemetrix monitors images on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. It also offers virality and photo campaign monitoring and collate the results into photo insights.

A demo must be requested first

8) Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a social relationship platform with its own dashboard. It has a wide-range of solutions such as social media management, social marketing, social selling and social customer service. Its products include the platform, campaigns and Hootlet (a Chrome extension).

Free, Pro ($8.99/month), Small Business ($69) and Enterprise (Custom)

Free trial for Pro (30 days)

9) MavSocial

A portmanteau of Maven and Social, MavSocial is a provider of social media software for businesses. Its goal is to communicate a firm’s brand message to customers (current and prospects). Aside from social media publishing, it also offers visual content management and campaign planning.

Starter (Free), Pro $30/month), Pro+ ($99/month) and Enterprise (Custom)

10) Keyhole

Keyhole mainly tracks hashtags in real-time, but it can also track keywords and URLs. You can even track everything in one go and on various platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. While the process starts with a simple search, the data are shown in an easy-to-understand dashboard and into downloadable reports.

Professional ($129/month), Corporate ($299/month), Enterprise ($449/month), Agency ($599/month) and Partner ($3,000/month)

Free trial (3 days)

SMM seem to be crowded industry when it comes to tools and applications. However, these are the 10 most useful tools that every social media marketer must have an access to.