Why Small Business Needs AdWords

Every online marketing article or guide you’ve been reading lately states a small business needs AdWords.

Everybody in the industry seems to go for it, but you still don’t know why you should advertise on Google?

Keep on reading to find out exactly why a small business needs AdWords in today’s online world. This article will provide you with 20 reasons why you should make Google advertising a part of your digital marketing strategy. You’ll understand that advertising your business online is no longer an option, it is a bare necessity your business needs to strive and grow.

  1. Going online is a must

Advertising on Google allows you to get your business noticed in the online consumer world. Directories are a thing of the past, and people look for everything online. Moreover, 2/3 of searches are performed on Google, so obviously the odds that people are looking for what you have to offer are mostly in your favour.

  1. Display your ads as fast as tomorrow

Years ago you had to wait for weeks until a printed add reached your audience. At this day and age, your ad can show up on the Internet within days or hours. Online advertising enables you to move faster and respond immediately to new market trends.

  1. Using keywords

Keywords have become vital in marketing due to online search engines. Aside from being easily found by prospects that perform searches using keywords you have included in your website and ads, you can easily control and adjust these words. If you notice that a keyword is not performing well, you can replace it in a matter of hours.

  1. Target who, what and where

With traditional advertising, you never knew who saw your ads and who chose to buy because your message was persuasive. AdWords ensure demographic targeting and location targeting – not only do you know who is reacting to your ads, but you can choose the people who will see them.

  1. Timing

Ads can run during your specific business hours, so people can benefit from your products and services right when they see your ad. You can tailor your ads to show when you need them to.

  1. Targeting mobile users

AdWords provide an array of mobile optimisation options you can use – we all know that people are constantly on the go and often search products or services on their mobile device.

  1. Your Ads anywhere

You can advertise almost on any network that is beneficial to the nature of your business – Search Networks, Display Networks, Shopping networks, and so on.

  1. Making good use of your money

If you have a tight budget, no problem – you can control how much you spend and you can see exactly where your money goes. For instance, you can track ROI by implementing conversion tracking.

  1. Include in Ad ExtensionsSmall Business Needs AdWords

This option allows you to display extra information about your business and improve visibility. It has been shown that ad extensions usually increase the total number of clicks and the click-through rate of your ads.

  1. Unique Ads

Your ad text headlines need to portray what your clients are exactly looking for. Your ads will adapt to the searcher’s query which is great for split testing to see which ad is driving better conversions.

  1. Evaluating your AdWords campaign easily

The Search Term report helps you assess the effectiveness of your advertising campaign and complete a variety of objectives: analysing search queries, adjusting ads, excluding search queries, focusing budgets, and incorporating negative keywords from irrelevant searches.

  1. Excluding irrelevant keywords

If a keyword doesn’t perform well, you can identify it immediately and eliminate it from your advertising campaign. You want to pay money exclusively on tactics that work!

  1. Keyword Planner

This free tool increases your chances of implementing a successful campaign by allowing you to find keywords and ad group ideas, generate statistics, and create new keyword lists.

  1. Can pause and enable campaign anytime

Out of budget or needing to pause your campaign for a while until you make some changes? With AdWords automated rules you can pause or enable ad campaigns, keywords at any date or time.

  1. Mobile responsiveness

AdWords allow you to adjust ads for a perfect fit on mobile devices. Since so many people are connecting to the Internet using smartphones and tablets, you want to provide them an excellent advertising experience.

  1. Pay Per Click features

One great feature is flexible bidding which helps you save time and improve conversion rates across your campaigns. AdWords can automatically optimise bids across multiple keywords without you needing to set an individual bet on each keyword.

  1. Multiple campaigns

No one will put obstacles in your way and limit your plans – with AdWords you can create multiple campaigns for each product or service, thus implementing your marketing strategy the way you want it.

  1. Help your organic ranking

Advertising on Google will also help you increase your page rank, which means you’ll have more traffic without paying just for people who click on your ad.

  1. Getting new leads

More qualified prospects are at the reach of a fingertip! You can add call extensions to your campaigns, which is great for service industries and restaurants.

  1. Comparing metricsSmall Business Needs AdWords

You can view and analyse keywords and ad performance so you refine your advertising strategy while you’re implementing it – it’s never too late to make improvements!

In brief, small business needs AdWords and a little digital marketing savviness can help you position it within the realms of Google and it networks if you are using AdWords Express. Whereas AdWords for Console gives you by far greater keywords and ad campaign flexibility, but does require a greater understanding of the science of AdWords. We recommend enlisting the help of a Digital Marketing Agency, like Visual Marketing Australia. Google AdWords can cope with the many needs your business requires in advertising and will help you discover new audiences, leads and sales for your business. Now you know why AdWords work for small businesses; it’s time to go for it!

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