Having a website for your business puts you ahead of your competition, but this is not sufficient to have a powerful online presence. What you publish on your website and how you promote your brand online also matters, and one of the most important aspects when it comes to online marketing is having a good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy.

  • The three most important signals Google uses to rank your website for search is high quality content, link building and mobile user experience.Quality content is vital if you want to attract qualified prospects on your website. Your content needs to educate and entertain people at the same time – your audience loves finding out new things, but in a manner that makes them laugh or feel fascinated. As for the technical aspects of SEO, quality content indirectly improves your ranking, because Google loves content that humans love. When your posts are read by hundreds of people, Google will pick up these signals and place your web pages higher in search results.
  • Link building is the other major component of search engine marketing. It basically means getting links to your webpages on pages on your website (internal link building) or on other websites (external link building). The first method is simpler, for instance you include links to older articles in your new blog post. While external link building requires some networking and online search. One of the best methods for getting valuable external links is writing guest posts for other websites.
  • Google in the last few months has started to roll out their new mobile index, which means Google will now primary crawl the mobile version of websites as opposed to the desktop version. Mobile optimisation is now an extremely important ranking factor! It is more important than ever that your content is mobile responsive and is identical on your mobile version site. Another important factor that is related to mobile user experience is page speed. Google’s new mobile index loves fast loading websites!

These SEO strategies will require a good deal of work and time, but benefits are worth the effort:

1. Longer content ranks higher in Google

Overcome your writer’s block now or find someone who can do the job for you, because a larger quantity of content will take you higher in Google search results. Don’t write just 100 words, instead aim for articles that are 550 – 600 words long. Make sure you also include images with alt attributes since they also are taken into account by search engines.

2. Local SEO brings people to your brick-and-mortar locationSEO

Search engine marketing strategies are a bit different for businesses with a physical location or who provide services to a certain area. They need to focus on local SEO tactics, such as listing your company to business directories, attracting customer reviews, and writing titles and meta descriptions to take advantage of all available space. Studies have shown that 72% of people who did a local search visited a store within 8 km.

3. Recycling older content helps you save time

Updating and republishing old blog content with new content and new images can increase organic traffic as much as 111%. Your new visitors won’t mind the repetition, and loyal blog readers won’t be bothered either to go through some valuable content you have published a while ago.

4. Google dominates the SEO world

You might want to enter this giant’s graces, since Google accounts for 76% of all global desktop search traffic, followed by Bing at 8% and Yahoo and 7%. As for searches from mobile devices, Google accounts for 94% of all mobile search traffic globally with Bing on 3% and Yahoo on 1%. The good thing is that Google keeps no secrets except for their search engine algorithm and provides plenty of advice on how to make your content more suitable for SEO.

5. Taking advantage of the latest technologies

With new voice activated technology, voice searches have increased to 10% of all search volume according to the Internet Trends Report 2016. Doing SEO the right way allows you to make use of the latest technology developments and keep your business relevant in today’s economic environment.

These are just 5 basic reasons why SEO is vital for your business. Start building your online presence and at every step you will see how search engine marketing can help your company take off!

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