Email Marketing Mistakes

The immense popularity of social media has caused many online marketing experts to hurry and declare email marketing dead. Nevertheless, time proved naysayers wrong and now we know that email marketing is the best channel in terms of return on investment. 89% of marketers say that email marketing is their primary channel for lead generation, and more and more businesses are using this marketing technique and using the latest email tools. However, not everyone who is using email marketing is doing it right. Here are 6 common mistakes that businesses make with email marketing and that you need to avoid:

Not proofreading emails

You’ve just had the best idea and sent your brilliant email in a hurry. A common mistake is forgetting to proofread emails and sending them with grammar mistakes and typos. Always have a second set of eyes to proofread before you send it or your credibility will be affected. Recipients easily notice mistakes and won’t trust you or see you as a reliable company.

Neglecting subject lines

Before reading your emails, people need to open them first. Without a catchy and relevant subject line, potential clients will ignore your message and send it to the trash bin. Consider testing multiple subject line versions and see which one works the best.

Not linking to your website

The final purpose of your email is selling, even if initially you want to cultivate your relationship with clients and keep them wired. Every email you send should make it possible for people to click through to your website and eventually make a purchase or enquiry.

Ignoring mobile

Mobile is no longer an emerging trend; it is a thing of the present and is here to stay. Your email needs to be optimised for mobile devices since at least 43% of people check their emails on their smartphone every day. If your email isn’t mobile optimised the recipient cannot read your email and won’t!

Not being focusedEmail Marketing Mistakes

Keep your message clear and concise and don’t try to achieve multiple goals with just one email. You may be tempted to speak about your company, present the new product you are developing, and make an offer in the same message – this is completely wrong. Anyone reading your email should easily understand the one action they are required to take.

Not being relevant to audiences

Relevance has been a major concern in marketing for decades now; the one size fits all approach no longer works and your message needs to be relevant to the reader. Let’s say your business addresses both the CEO of a large company and the business owner of a local takeaway store. Even if you are selling the same product, you need to create a different approach for each type of audience by segmenting email lists.

If you can avoid making these critical email mistakes listed in this article you can capitalise on one of the best marketing channels that are available. Email marketing does a great job at engaging and converting customers and the number 1 tip to help move the email performance metre from “okay” to “great” is to make sure you have proofread your email again and again.

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