Website Hosting Speed

As a business owner, you probably have a website promoting your products and services and you want it to work impeccably with every user. Good functionality, fast loading speed, and minimal downtime all depend on the website hosting provider you choose.

If you are planning to cut on costs by choosing the cheapest website hosting provider, you should change your plans now and opt for a local Australia hosting provider over foreign. Costs will be slightly higher, but in return you will enjoy the following benefits:

Faster speed service

Recently, Google has released statistics proving that 53% of mobile users will abandon sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load. Google has added a Speed Point System to the way they analyse websites, but you don’t need anyone to tell you that fast loading speed is important. Think about your personal experience on the web; for how many times did you hit the “Back” button because the page didn’t load in the blink of an eye?

Eliminating the risk of service failure

Website downtime should be reduced to the maximum if you want to provide a good experience to your customers. It’s frustrating not to be able to access a website you are interested in, and many users will immediately check the competition if they can’t find out information about your productds/services. People want their needs and desires to be accommodated fast, and won’t wait to make that purchase until your website is up and running again.

No timezone differences

A foreign website hosting provider will probably be from a different time zone, which may become bothersome at times. Let’s say you need chat or phone support for a problem you are dealing with on your website, are you going to wake up at 3AM so you catch your web host provider during their working hours? Several disruptions later, you will be fed up with juggling with those time zone differences.

Having 24/7 supportWebsite Hosting

Most Australian website hosting providers focus on quality rather than small prices when it comes to their services, because there is no better strategy for standing out from the crowd in a local market. As a result, these companies will provide various perks, like 24/7 support, which is vital when your business is crossing a fast-paced period or addressing a global audience.

Better SEO rank

Having a foreign web host provider may come with yet another problem; Google may penalise those websites that have an IP address from overseas. Being visible in Google search results is paramount for every business these days, and saving a little bit of money with foreign hosting may cost you a lot more on the long term when it comes to SEO.

Secure services

Chances of collaborating with an unreliable website hosting provider are smaller when you opt for a local company. Local companies need to comply with stricter regulations and as a result, their services will be more reliable and secure. On the other hand, a provider from overseas may not be controlled just as strictly and in case they don’t respect contract terms, you may not even be able to make them support the consequences.

Check our website hosting services now and discover the advantages of reliable and faster local services provided by a trusted Australian company!

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