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The power and popularity of WordPress is second to none. Every web design company wants to make websites that stand out and grab maximum traffic with WordPress this becomes possible without much ado. Believe it or not but around a third of the entire world’s websites from personal blogs to major enterprises like the NBC and Sony Inc. all use WordPress. In fact, online marketing Australia relies heavily on WordPress websites since it is the only content management system that offers such a wide range of features that help you capture the market with aplomb. You must be wondering how a content management system can help you capture the world market. That’s because of the many benefits that WordPress entails using which WordPress web designer on the Gold Coast can create top-class website. Let’s check out the top eight benefits for using WordPress for building websites, online marketing, and social media management Gold Coast.

Benefits of Hiring WordPress Web Designer on the Gold Coast:

Adaptability and Flexibility:

Originally, WordPress was designed for different types of online content publishing such as blogging but within the last ten years the platform has received many tweaks. Now it offers many features for running websites successfully. WordPress is a flexible system having the capability to adapt as per the changing trends. Its software is designed in a way that there is ample room for innovation, modification and change. You can easily run entire online marketing Australia campaign or manage very complex website for multinational corporations, everything is possible with WordPress.

It is not limited to handling blog sites but for all sorts of online marketing and publishing domains including small to large businesses, personal blogs, social media management Gold Coast, and digital marketing. No web design company can enjoy success on the digital front without using WordPress because of the sheer flexibility of the platform.

can use it for managing e-commerce store, host a social network, handle work
groups, create and maintain podcasts, showcase a portfolio, and fulfill all the
requirements of the business with a single platform. Your options are not
limited to the core WordPress package only as you can further benefit from the
variety of basic and premium WordPress plugins available to suit your needs.
Hence, building and managing a website, marketing forum, online store, and
social networking all becomes possible through WordPress, which is a great

Easy to Use:

wordpress web developer on the gold coast

You will be surprised to know that it takes only a short amount of time for WordPress Web Designer on the Gold Coast to install and run a WordPress website. This content management system is so user friendly that you won’t feel the need to pay hefty sums for technical support later on. All you need is a domain name and account for web hosting and the rest will be handled by the web design company. Once the desired system is up and running, it will continue to yield positive and productive results without needing expert help and support.

The platform offers an intuitive and
user-friendly Admin Dashboard feature equipped with many unique customisation
options from managing the website’s layout and headings to creating pages and
posts as soon as the site is live and active.

Updating the website is a quick and smooth process too. Moreover, there is no need to submit content changes or new images to be uploaded to the out-sourced developer or the IT department at all. Simply update the website and enjoy quick results.

Maximum Functionality with Wide Range of Useful Plugins

In WordPress, plugins serve the function of applications used to incorporate new and advanced features in your website such as membership area, analytics, and contact forms, etc. WordPress offers thousands of plugins already but you may choose to customise according to your business needs by hiring WordPress web designer on the Gold Coast can customise or create a plugin. A skilled web designer will be able to make use of all the specialised functions that this platform offers.

WordPress not just offers the basic
elements to create a standard website but those special functions to produce a
website that satisfies your demands. Its plugin directory contains especially
designed codes to enable your site for performing specific tasks and let users
enjoy innovative on-site features.

You can create engaging galleries, shopping carts, contact forms and many other exciting features to attract traffic. Another interesting aspect of using WordPress is the availability of custom plugins from third-party developers, which you can purchase and install.

Variety of Themes and Backdrops:

Widest array of themes and backdrop options is one of the fundamental features of WordPress content management system, which every business and web design company hugely benefits from. You get the chance of fine tuning the website functions and appearance as per your demand and vision with the ever growing directory offering largest variety of basic and premium themes.

you don’t want to invest more on theme, you can choose to install free to use
themes and if you want a totally custom-made look and appearance of your site,
you can purchase themes as well. Web designers all over the world benefit from
this feature because they can create a theme of their own choice as there is no
restriction on third-party developers to add to the platform’s theme directory.

There is also the option of live preview of
theme and modifying at even after the installation to suit the demand of the
layout and web design. The easy customisation feature of WordPress themes is
amazing because you can modify the logo, colors, backgrounds, sliders, and
writing styles without writing new codes. You may also add custom functionality
to the site through the handy plugins.

SEO Friendly Platform

Another great benefit of using WordPress is that the code is written using the standard compliance high quality code which is why the website produces semantic markup. You can rely upon WordPress for developing an SEO friendly Accommodation & Hotel website design, Social Media Management Gold Coast, online marketing Australia or just about any digital need of your business.

It is a tried-and-tested platform to make a website that ranks higher on Google and other search engines due to its SEO friendly feature. It comes as no surprise that WordPress websites rank higher on every search engine including Google because design wise this is an SEO friendly content management system. This feature is further enhanced with the use of exclusive WordPress SEO plugins, which can optimise your website’s reach ability and popularity on search engines tremendously.

Mobile Device Accessibility:

wordpress web developer on the gold coast

Google rankings cannot be improved unless you have a mobile responsive website. Nowadays, every user wants a mobile friendly website because people are always on the go. This requirement can be easily fulfilled when you have hired a WordPress web designer on the Gold Coast who is well-versed with the huge variety of mobile friendly theme designs, plugins and features that WordPress has to offer to make your website accessible on all kinds of mobile devices.

Built-in Blog is an Added Bonus:

WordPress is called an all-inclusive
content management system because of its versatility in features and options.
The system offers multiple features to publish your content on the web. The
built-in blog is one such feature that helps you publish content with the
surety that it will be accessible on every device. There is no need to create a
separate blog site because your website will already be equipped with this
necessary feature that makes online marketing Australia so much easier.

Optimal Safety and Support:

WordPress websites are easy to maintain, update and protect. The system offers a backup plugin to store your data so that in case there is an unfortunate incident of data loss you will have the backup already. Timely notifications about the new WordPress version are also helpful in keeping your website updated. Web developers regard it as the safest content management system currently available for running your website.

Despite that there are many benefits of using WordPress for building your Hotel website design or other requirements, it is important to hire web designer after proper research and due consideration. In this regard, Visual Marketing Australia a WordPress web designer on the Gold Coast can offer you a unique, easy to use, and very flexible content management system. It is a guarantee that with the appropriate use of WordPress for your website design, you can easily capture largest market chunk not just in Queensland and Australia but worldwide.

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