Choosing the Right Web Designer

Having a user-friendly website which is both technically strong and visually attractive is a must for any business nowadays. The number of companies neglecting the online part of their strategy is decreasing and with so much competition out there, choosing the right web designer becomes a crucial decision. Not to mention that you need an up-to-date fully responsive web design, and not something of the past. How can you be sure that the expert you are hiring is truly reliable and understands your needs? Your intuition will probably tell you if are about to choose the right person or not, but the prerequisites of finding a good fit is knowing what your want and being able to communicate easily with the candidate you are considering. Furthermore, here are the main things you should take into account.

Responsive web design and CMS

Even if you are not too familiar with web design, there is a fundamental thing you need to know about this field. The industry has been dominated, in the last years, by content management systems, which have transformed web design into a more accessible and easy task. A good deal of manual coding knowledge is still necessary for an expert, but these CMS save a lot of time and effort. There is some good news about these frameworks: they are open-source, they allow you to update your website easily even if you are not a web designer, and most of them produce fully responsive web design (your website will be viewed optimally from any device, regardless of the Internet browser you use).

Designer’s reputation and availability.

Things may be easier with CMS, but still you need to find a trustworthy web designer. Choosing the right web designer should be based on his/her reputation and credibility. Visit the contractor’s website (any web designer should have one), and look for information provided by the designer and by the clients. Check the designer’s portfolio, look for testimonials and keep an eye open for those fake reviews which have not been written by actual clients. See if you can find the companies signing the testimonials. Getting a recommendation from a third uninterested party is a good omen. Prefer an experienced contractor rather than a newbie, and make sure the person will still be around in 12 months’ or years’ time.


Budget is much easier to discuss when you have set your limits before the actual negotiation. Avoid contractors which try to attract you with very low rates. Choose someone who appreciates his/her own work. Obtaining a fully responsive web design is not so costly nowadays; the dilemma is between pre-designed themes and custom designs, which, obviously, cost more yet provides a truly unique look and feel. If you really feel that a certain element adds value to your website, don’t skimp and pay for it.

Customer care and efficient communication

Choosing the right web designer is also about finding a person with whom you will like to collaborate. Go for people who love to offer value to their customers and to satisfy their needs. If the candidate has good communication skills, is easily contactable and has even developed a customer support department, chances are you will develop a good working relationship. The first step for a satisfying outcome is finding someone who understands your needs, but who also has the tools to produce the desired results.

After sale support

Just being promised to get fully responsive web design doesn’t solve all matters. Serious issues can emerge after work is completed, so make sure your web designer offers after sales support. Offering a money-back or satisfaction guarantee is a good sign, but you need to make sure that once the job is finished, the contractor will not vanish and leave you with unsolved problems.

In the end, choosing the right web designer and obtaining a reliable, fully responsive web design is possible when the answer to all the following questions is “Yes”: “Can that person design, develop, optimise and market your website?” All four elements are crucial for a successful online presence and the right expert will be able to offer you all these services faultlessly.

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