content marketing for business

With the advent of newly developed tools and money as a typical source of motivation, it is undeniable that most people have somehow tried to do business with another, or at least learned the ABCs of running such. Most of us understand that there are two big faces of business, the offline and the online business. When we say offline, we refer to traditional businesses who have made their companies thrive without any help from the internet. In contrast, online businesses make money through internet. However, with whatever type of organization a person may have, one question remains constant, “How can I grow my business?”

This article will help you answer this question. Find out what content marketing strategies can help your business thrive online.

Tips to do before and after starting your Content Marketing plan

1) Research as much information as possible

Everything is in Google! Try to scour the internet and see if you can find valuable content similar to what you are planning to post. Cluster the thoughts together and enhance the idea to make it more epic than the ones you found. That way, it will make your content more unique and valuable.

2) Hire writers to write your content

Remember, the most effective way to market a content is to make it relevant. Therefore, the first thing you should consider is the quality of the content you are going to produce. Perhaps, you should ask yourself-

Can I write?

What type of writing skills do I possess?

If you are uncertain about your ability to produce great content, then hire someone who can! It may be difficult to find skilled writers these days but it is worth a shot. As a matter of fact, most digital marketers and SEO agencies invest more of their money in getting a good writer. It is important to note that not everyone who claims they can write can actually do it as there is a myriad of spun and irrelevant content dumped almost everywhere in the web. Therefore, only pick the qualified ones and don’t get yourself deceived by a cheap cost.

Reference : Some experienced writer from Ve People

Bonus tips from Top influencers in the Philippines:

“If you’ve worked and have seen quality writers, keep them!”

Glen Dimaandal (Founder of GDI and been to SMX west last month)

“I don’t care If I’m paying more for a certain writer. If that writer can lead to any conversion. Im willing to pay for it!”

Ben Francia (Internet Marketing Consultant and an Entrepreneur)

3) Keyword research

You don’t have get someone who can write and who can do keyword research at the same time. Why? Because when a writer does both, he becomes obsessed with the keywords and the proper placing. This may present a bad deal to your content as it will turn out to be unnatural. Allow your writers to have the freedom to write and express his thoughts over a topic.

Instead do the keyword research by yourself with possible high searches or trends then devise a topic out of that and give it to your writers.

The important thing is that your content can target and answer those searchers query with the help of Google Hummingbird..

Reference: Keyword Discovery : Keyword Search Tools and Tricks you should try

4) Provide references

It is ideal if you can provide references to your writers by giving them links to helpful content that they can possibly draw their ideas from. This is also useful in adding credibility to your content and providing users additional inputs on a certain topic. This is where the readers are ensured that your content is of high quality and worth a read.

On the other hand, the source of these references will most likely be notified so they will be encouraged to share your content. That way, it’s going to be a win-win situation.

5) Share it Socially

As soon as you have the content in place, with high traffic and searchable title keyword, the next big thing to do is to give them wings to fly in the online air. Share them to different social media sites such as facebook and twitter. With proper usage of hashtags if necessary.

Bonus tips:

  • You should spend time on Twitter as Google will be indexing your Tweets.
  • I commonly share it to some blog aggregators like Virtual Content Buzz. Your post will be shared by different mods in VCB.

6) Boost post and Invest it on Paid ads.

If you are seeing traction (e.i sharers, comments, likers etc.) then have it upgrade and boost it via paid ads. Before that, remember to check your post’s proper demographics and audience’s interests before you engage on your paid ads so as to expand your reach.

7) Active sharers prospecting

Next is to gather and make a list of sharers who share related posts in different social media or website platforms. Put them on excel and contact them as they may be interested with what you have.

Here’s how to do it: Some alternative ways.

Tools used:

Tools used : Google Search

Tools used:

Note: You can gather their emails from the given results or simply interact.

8) Involve tracking

It is highly essential to continuously track whatever you have implemented. Check the progress per week or everyday if possible so you know how it goes. This is for the purpose of gaining insight on what outcomes you are getting for your effort. Whether the marketing goes well or not, this will give you a better chance on improving your strategy. Tracking using some analytics platform is a huge key of success, it is like your eye in the sky.