Imagine if your subscribers received personalised content that significantly increases the chances of buying your service or product. For instance, sending your subscribers emails based around their preferences and likes will considerable enhance the likelihood of them opening your emails and furthermore – read more as the content is relevant to them.

All these and much more are possible with dynamic email content systems.

How do you stop people from un-subscribing?

This is the age-old question – As an online marketer, you have probably heard about the emotionally unsubscribed. Managing those potential customers who subscribe to your newsletter but never open your emails is a touchstone for every business owner. People don’t even bother unsubscribing from your newsletter but instead they simply ignore it. While the number of users receiving your mails is constant, the number or leads is actually decreasing.

Many of us came to consider email marketing as an outdated tool of promoting one’s business, but this is far from the case with a recent study shows that Australians prefer to be contacted:

  • by email (76%)
  • by phone (48%) and
  • mail (33%)

The good news is that now you can use a system that personalises content for you. Dynamic email content systems create the right kind of message for each and every recipient and keep them engaged.

Personalising email content

If your aim is to become a successful email marketer, dynamic content is the way. As we have mentioned before, gone are the days when sending the same message to all your potential customers helped in any way. Today’s dynamic email content systems allow you to send customised, relevant content to every subscriber based on their location, buying behaviour, demographics, lifestyle, opinions and so on. By using automated tools, you can craft a relevant message for each and every person receiving your emails!

There are multiple reasons why personalised content works so much better than broadcast emails, including:

  • Most marketing experts consider that customised content is the future of marketing;
  • Dynamic content makes geo-targeting more easy and it introduces elements such as language, location and weather;
  • People feel unique when they receive custom emails and are less likely to perceive them as spam;
  • Real-time, relevant content instigates to a positive response.

How dynamic email content improves engagement levels

Dynamic content is still underused, and it has not become a standard in the industry yet. Some business owners have only discovered this new strategy and anyone adopting this idea has noticed at least one of the following benefits:

  • Dynamic content improves user experience. For instance, if a user has filled in a form on your website by stating they like Motor Sport, and another user specifies Tennis and yet a 3rd user Golf – you can present each user with their relevant content thus increasing their interest and likelihood they will read further and look forward to your emails next time.
  • Giving your buyer personas exactly what they need. Defining the ideal customer and creating buyer personas are the latest marketing trends, but doing the effort of precisely identifying your audience is no use if you don’t act according to your findings. Personalised content helps you nurture your leads efficiently and make to each buyer persona the offer that suits them better.
  • Offering the right kind of content for each stage of the sales funnel. People who have just come into contact with your business need to be given interesting educational materials, while prospects which have moved further in the buying cycle should be sent calls-to-action. Dynamic content systems take care of this aspect, too.

The number of email marketing automation platforms is constantly increasing and sending tailored content is simpler than ever. Smart automated tools do the job of dozens of people and they offer you insight you could have never imagined before. As a result, your recipients’ behaviour changes to a large extent. They may just skim your email, but if they identify the right elements, they are a lot more likely to become qualified leads.

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