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The increasing trend of social media users across all platforms paved the way for an effective and efficient means for businesses to reach a wider market. In fact, research shows that Social Media users in Australia are some of the most active in the world, with around 60% of the country’s population an active user on Facebook, and 50% of the country logging onto Facebook at least once a day. Analysts say that this social media frenzy won’t be stopping anytime soon.

While businesses can take advantage of this growth and leverage social media platforms, the problem is that the Internet is already teeming with strong online presence from companies with massive war chests at their disposal. For instance, statistic shows that more than 2 million businesses worldwide are using Facebook to market their products and services. With this in mind, you might be asking this: “How can my business maximise its impact on social media channels?” This article will discuss social media tips and best practices in using the top social media platforms.


Facebook is considered as the Jack-of-all-trades among all social media platforms. It can host almost all content formats, and broadcast them to more than 100 billion users worldwide. Facebook also has the highest number of daily active users, which is great news for businesses that are eager to build their online following.

According to Maris Smith, dubbed as the “Facebook Queen”, using videos and the Facebook Messenger, and engaging in Facebook groups are among the best ways of boosting your company’s influence in Facebook.

  • Facebook Videos

If you want to catch the attention of users, Maris suggests to do Facebook Live or post short clips. The key here is to create a content that people will look forward to on your page each week. This also increases the likelihood of getting featured on Facebook Watch, which will immensely help in expanding your content’s reach.

  • Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the go-to online marketing tool of some companies. As per HubSpot, Facebook Messenger is a good alternative in delivering your content rather than the traditional method (e.g. email). In addition, the app serves as a “non-intrusive way” of getting across personalised content to the target market. For optimal results, you can opt for Facebook Messenger ads to engage and re-engage your audience.

  • Facebook Groups

Just last year, the tech giant started paying attention to establishing online communities and bridging people together. Through Facebook Groups, businesses can interact with its audience, share their content, and eventually, build a community. According to Maris, it would be best to use only a tenth of your budget in “Boosting” your Facebook Groups.


With over 300 million daily active users across the globe, Instagram presents millions of opportunities for marketers and businesses to make their mark online. What makes Instagram an ideal social media marketing channel is its high regular engagement, which is 4% of the followers compared to Facebook’s 0.1%, and its relatively cheap marketing cost.

The rewards of Instagram marketing can be attractive, not to mention that creating an account is fairly simple and straightforward. But, don’t let these fool you. Before you reap the successes, it will take some work. Fortunately for you, we’ve rounded up the three most important facets of Instagram marketing: content, consistency, and trends.

  • Content

Like in any digital marketing strategy, content reigns supreme. Always remember that good content shared on Instagram will lead to better sales conversion even if the audience engagement is not exactly what you were gunning for.

There are different techniques on how you can add an extra flair to your content. You can mix it up with a variety of formats, such as a 60-second video, a GIF, or the good ol’ photo album feels.

  • Consistency

With the recent changes in Instagram’s algorithm, it is now a must to post content on a regular basis. While there may be a few hits in posting sporadically, most of the successful brands on Instagram carefully plan when and at which time of the day they should post their content. The good thing is that you can now schedule posts on your Instagram account.

  • Trends

Put on your detective hat and study some of the prominent influencers on Instagram. They do know how to create viral content and gather active followers. Is it because of their creative hashtags? Or is it the type of content they posted? Or probably the way they interact with the audience? Use these insights in generating posts that follow the current trends on Instagram.


LinkedIn makes it possible for businesses to target like-minded professionals with industry-related content. With more than 500 million users across the globe, LinkedIn is an important networking platform for individuals and small- to medium-sized enterprises.

While some businesses prefer to reach their target market on other social media channels, LinkedIn, for the most part, gets underutilised. However, did you know that LinkedIn’s marketing powers can do wonders for your business? That is, if you make the most of the channel’s features. Here are three things you should consider if you want to be popular on LinkedIn: articles, media, and LinkedIn Groups.

  • Publishing Articles

For your business to reap the benefits of LinkedIn marketing, you need to invest in quality content. This is a good start to be identified as a thought leader in your field, not to mention extremely useful in generating new leads. It is crucial that you generate and deliver exceptional content that discusses pain points of your market on a regular basis.

  • Including Rich Media

It is no-brainer that the quickest and most efficient way of garnering attention is by being visual. By this, we mean rich media content. Instead of creating text-based content, focus on presentations, videos, images, or info graphics for your daily or weekly posts. Research shows that non-stock images, YouTube videos, and graphics have higher share and conversion rates.

Aside from posts, rich media can also be used in showcasing your business. You can add various media formats and elements on your company’s summary. However, make sure that the text and media on your page complement each other.

  • Using LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups is a great tool to generate leads from decision makers and influencers in the platform. According to LinkedIn, 70% of customers use LinkedIn Groups when making purchasing decisions, doing research, or establishing networks. As such, businesses should take advantage of this feature and engage in related groups to expand their network and improve the page’s accessibility.

YouTubeSocial Media

Web analytics companies rank YouTube as the second most popular social media platform in terms of traffic and daily active users. For this reason, YouTube is increasingly becoming popular as a marketing tool for brands all over the world. Here are some ways on how to improve your business’ visibility and credibility on YouTube:

  • Create relevant videos

While a well-shot video with amazing effects can definitely attract attention, the story line of the content will create the loyalty and trust your business needs. The videos you share on YouTube should fill a relevant need and share the sentiments of your audience. Develop videos that are quick and authentic to gather the right audience for your brand.

  • Add keywords

What’s the use of a good video when not everyone can find it? By adding keywords on your videos and on your YouTube channel, you are increasing the likelihood of your content from being searched and in appearing at the top of the search engine results page. Optimise the title, description of the video, and the tags with keywords that are associated with your company.


With more than 300 million active monthly users, Twitter serves as an excellent medium for businesses. Not every business owners and digital marketers know how to utilise Twitter well. Here are two ways on how your business can maximize the platform to its advantage:

  • Monitor conversations

This goes beyond the simple online customer engagement and re-tweeting good reviews about your brand. Communicate and connect with your current and prospective customers by tweeting directly to them, or simply thanking them for being interested in your products and/or services. Also, know when to talk things through offline. Remember that your account reflects your brand. It would be best to discuss matters discreetly via email or direct call.

  • Use Threads

Twitter recently rolled out its “Threads” feature which allows its users to make a series of tweets on a certain topic. When used wisely, Threads will have meaningful implications for your brand. Businesses can use Threads to generate worthwhile conversations, offer comprehensive explanations, and provide detailed instructions about the company or otherwise.

Each of the five social media channels mentioned have its pros and cons depending on the nature and size of your business. Hopefully, these will give you insights and ideas on how to create and curate the best content for all these platforms.

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