DrivieTraffic to your website

How to Drive Traffic To Your Website – is this what you have playing on your mind all day long?

Then this article is for you; keep on reading to find out how to drive traffic to your website with these 7 easy strategies and how you business will benefit.

Why You Need Website Traffic

Attracting more visitors to your website should not be your ultimate goal, but actually, a means to sell more. In the end, the reason why you promote your business is to make more sales. Facts are simple – more website traffic generates more leads, and more leads generate more conversions. When you have a wider pool of prospects, your chances of getting more satisfied customers increase significantly.

What Kind of Traffic You Need

How to drive traffic to your website is about quantity and quality. Getting 10000 people to visit your website is useless if they won’t convert to customers. This is why we have gathered these 7 easy strategies that will enable you to attract the right kind of visitors to your website.

How to Drive Traffic to your Website: 7 Strategies that Work

  1. PPC advertising

Your advertisement will appear on Facebook or Google on the top of the search page results, and people who are interested click on your ad and are redirected to your website. The good thing is you only pay when someone clicks on the ad, so you only spend money on prospects with a higher chance of becoming customers.

  1. Social media

Social network accounts and your website shouldn’t be separate entities that don’t have anything in common. Your audiences should be able to easily visit the website after accessing your Twitter or Facebook account and the other way around. Social media allows you to post in groups, promote your website content, use calls-to-action in posts and engage directly with your target audience.

  1. SEO

Another way of driving more website traffic is having more people finding it via search engines. Implementing at least a basic SEO strategy is vital and the minimum a small business owner can do is include relevant keywords into their website – for instance, if you provide landscaping services on the Gold Coast, you should use target keywords like “landscaping supplies” or “home landscaping Brisbane”. Getting inbound links is just as important as it helps you build authority, although getting quality links is a difficult and time-consuming process.

  1. Content

You may attract visitors to your website with PPC advertising or by posting on social media, but audiences won’t spend too much time on your web pages and follow your calls-to-action if you don’t provide entertaining and educational content for them. Maintain a blog page on your website, provide free materials such as e-books for people who subscribe to your newsletter, make sure you include images with text, and your efforts will soon pay off.

  1. YouTube channel/podcast

Video and audio content are more attractive than text because it requires less effort from prospects to consume it. Moreover, posting content to video sharing websites increases your chances of being found by people with related interests.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the one marketing technique with the highest return on investment – email campaigns are cheap to implement and you only communicate to prospects who have expressed their interest by opting in for your newsletter. A catchy email subject popping on your prospects’ computers and mobile devices will have them reaching your landing pages in large numbers.

  1. Fast and Responsive Website

The last strategy is also about quality – if you drive traffic to your website you need to provide people with an enjoyable experience, which consists not only of interesting content but also of easiness of use. Make sure your website can easily be viewed and navigated on any device and that users don’t have to wait seconds or minutes for a page to load.

Driving more traffic to your website can be a complex task, but implementing these 7 strategies and doing it the right way is a must if you want to run a successful business.

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