Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are one of the most important marketing metrics and are obtained by dividing the number of customers who have completed a transaction to the total number of website visitors. More simply, conversion is that moment when the recipient of a marketing message performs the desired action. Higher conversion rates means more profit and success for your business – here are some fast and simple conversion rates optimisation methods:

Clear message and benefits

Aside from listing your product features, you also need to show potential customers how your product can help them solve their problems.

Fewer obstacles

A minor inconvenient like an unnecessary form field can decrease conversions significantly due to higher perceived risk. Make the conversion process as easy and safe-looking as possible from making sure the page loads fast to using the minimum amount of necessary field forms and maintaining the website’s visual identity on your landing pages.

Split testing

Not sure which version of a page is better? Use A/B testing options and find out for instance which font colour leads to a higher conversion rate – half of the prospects will see one version of your page, while the other half will see a slightly different one.

Choose the best headline

The headline is probably the most important element on a landing page or website. Think of at least 10 different possibilities until choosing the strongest one.

Place conversion elements above the fold

If you think the “Buy now” or “Ask for a quote” button should be placed at the end of the page, reconsider your opinion. It has been shown that by placing conversion elements on the upper half of the page the conversion rate becomes higher.

Use video and images

Including video in your landing pages and website humanises your business and shows there is a real person behind the brand.

Conversion Rates

Avoid salesy speech

Hype copy is no longer effective – when everybody shouts aggressive messages at their customers, people become immune to this type of promotion. Write clear and compelling copy instead and use methods like storytelling and emotionally-charged language.

Get rid of unnecessary elements

A good landing page will create the tunnel vision effect; if you want people to concentrate only on your offering, remove anything that could distract them, such as navigation bars and other calls to action.

Don’t forget about the privacy policy

Including a privacy statement on your landing page is one of the most effective conversion rate optimisation methods. People who are considering a purchase from your company have multiple reservations in their mind before becoming paying customers, and you need to take care to eliminate existing fears and avoid creating additional risks. A privacy statement will make people feel safe and confident that nobody will steal their personal information and use it without their consent.

Multiple payment options

Providing multiple payment options not only allows you to address a wider audience, but it also makes you look like a serious company. Not everybody wants or is able to use PayPal even if it’s simpler for you.

Use a chat tool

Regarding those possible concerns that customers may have, providing them with the possibility to chat with you live will alleviate their worries. Instead of giving up the purchase because they are not sure about a product feature, they can ask and get the answer they expect immediately.

As you probably have noticed, the most effective and recommended conversion rates optimisation methods are aimed at making potential customers feel comfortable and providing them with a seamless online experience.

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