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Business owners know the importance of using the right channel in delivering the perfect message when marketing their products and services. One of the traditional and most effective ways of reaching out to customers and developing new sales leads is email marketing. In this age of social media and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), one would think that email marketing is obsolete. But the truth is, businesses can forge better relationships with customers without spending that much by employing effective email campaigns.

Although email marketing possesses an immense marketing power, a lot of companies struggle in converting sales leads from their email campaign. More often than not, marketing emails are marked as spam. Worst case scenario, your customers unsubscribe from your mailing list. The problem lies not on your sales channel, but rather on how you utilise it. If you want your email to stand out from the hundreds, if not thousands, of promotional emails a customer receives each day, we will teach you how to employ effective email campaigns on a budget.

Keep your content brief.

According to research, the average read time of sales emails is 11 seconds. You should be able to engage your readers and persuade them to make a purchase in that short amount of time. To do that, keep the content of your sales emails brief and to the point. It is very likely that your email will end up in the trash if your readers will have to scroll through the entire email.

While the goal is to have a brief content, you should not compromise its substance. Find the perfect balance between producing good content and adding some value to it. Also, always include your call to action (CTA). If you want them to avail your discounts and special promotions right there and then, make sure that it is literally spelled out for them.

Add a personal touch to your messages.

It is a known fact that mail blasting a generic sales email won’t get you anywhere. So how intimate should your sales emails be?

Personalising sales messages depends on various factors, such as your audience and the industry your business belongs to. The most important element in creating an effective email strategy is the relationship. If you sound like you are forcing the “intimacy” between you and your audience, it will come as off putting to them. Use casual language in your cold emails to make it sound like a normal conversation.

Email marketers should also steer clear from messages that are too “salesy.” Using first and second person pronouns will create a sense of connection between the company and its customers.

Use creative subject lines.

Effective email campaigns makes use of subject lines that catch the reader’s attention. So how should you write the perfect subject line for your email campaign?

There may not be concrete statistics about the relationship of lengthy subject lines with the open/response rate from readers, but it is highly

effective email campaigns

recommended to use short subject lines. Businesses can do an A/B Test to determine which subject line works well with your audience or search in google “subject line tester” to compare your subject lines.

Being straightforward with your intentions is also preferred by the customers. Using trendy and hip phrases may not work in most cases. Instead, grab their attention with your perks or promotional offerings that are clearly advertised on your subject line.

Create buyer personas.

Entrepreneur described buyer personas as “semi-fictional portrayal of your customers.” These representations are, in fact, based on existing customer data. In a study conducted by Marketing Sherpa, buyer personas are shown to be important in developing personal email campaigns, and can give a 7 percent bump in the conversion rate.

It’s not enough that you’ve created a buyer persona. You have to integrate this persona in customising your email content. To do that, convey your message using the type of language and the words that your target market normally uses. Your brand and the buyer persona should be reflected in all parts of your email, from the subject line up to your CTA.

Micro-segment your market.

Segmenting the market is a standard practice in any marketing campaign. It involves dividing the target customers based on their common characteristics. If you further classify them into smaller segments, it is called micro-segmentation.

As per IBM’s report, segmented marketing campaigns have “94.1 percent more click through rates.” For the best micro-segmentation for your email strategy, focus on personalising the content of your email based on the location of your audience. You can also consider your market’s buying behaviour and the demographics.

While these tips can immensely help your business’ email campaign, it would still be best to seek assistance from digital marketers who know the ins and outs of effective email strategies. Contact us for any more information or assistance regarding delivering effective email campaigns.

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