Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing may be a relatively new term for many, but it is a marketing strategy that has been around for probably decades. However, it isn’t your fault to not be aware of such an impressive and effective marketing strategy because it gained prominence only a few years back. Just about a decade ago, this area was strictly associated with celebrities and bloggers, that too, very few of them. However, times are changing rapidly now and business owners are constantly searching for new ways of marketing and branding their products. Influencer marketing has become the new age mantra to achieve marketing goals and company objectives.

Let’s find out more about
influencer marketing and how an effective strategy helps in explosive business

What is influencer marketing?

Basically, influence
marketing is a way of marketing products and services on social media. This
primarily relies upon endorsements and product advertising done by known
personalities, mainly bloggers and Vloggers. Those having strong social media
presence and large number of followers are preferred for this purpose.

Take the example of Vloggers
on YouTube. Once someone’s YouTube channel becomes popular, ranks higher on the
video sharing platform, and the number of followers enters three digit figure brands
start flocking towards the Vlogger to spread word about their products.
Suddenly, viewers start getting information about which brand of clothing they
prefer or which camera is the best in the market. This is actually what
influencer marketing is all about.

PewDiePie is an important
example in this regard; he is so famous on YouTube that he took up the challenge
with famous Indian Music Company T-Series to reach 100 million subscribers. He
could be termed as the perfect personality to rope in for influencer marketing.

The whole idea behind influencer
marketing is to promote your product by taking those personalities on board who
are trusted by large number of users and are in some way related to your niche.
You need to research about your goals, target audience and then hire an
internet celebrity to promote your products.

Goals and target audience are
the two main driving forces that can determine the personality best suited for
your marketing campaign. This is convincingly done by dedicated company for Social
Media management Gold Coast.

What type of businesses does influencer marketing suit?

Influencer marketing, as the
name suggests, suits all those businesses that rely upon influencing people
into buying their products. However, it is most suitable for small-sized
businesses and emerging startups trying to make a name in their respective
markets and niches. By hiring a prominent personality to sell their products,
they manage to gain the all-important brand value that otherwise would take
longer to be achieved.

Moreover, hiring a blogger or
a social media personality is a cost-effective strategy for emerging businesses
because they cannot afford to hire top celebrities. Social media stars don’t
charge as much and has a following in thousands and millions. Reaching out to
the desired audience becomes much easier for new businesses and small
enterprises through influencer marketing.

But, medium to large sized
businesses can also benefit from influencer marketing in their own way. In this
regard, analysing your target audience is very important and so is identifying
the ideal platform to market products at.

How to Plan for Influencer Marketing Campaign:

The industry you operate in
certainly matters while planning for an influencer marketing campaign. Selecting
the wrong or incompatible personality can ruin the entire marketing campaign.
For instance, for promoting beauty or fashion related products you need to
choose a glamorous personality. Similarly to promote fitness or sports related
products, the ideal choice would be an athlete or a very fit personality.

In the same way, the
promotion platform also matters a lot for your business. To promote fashion and
beauty products, Instagram and YouTube are the perfect options while Twitch is
the ideal forum to promote video games and related accessories.

Once you have identified your niche and target audience, it is time to select the influencer for your campaign. The chosen personality also greatly depends upon your objectives. Without understanding your marketing goals and audience, you cannot run a successful campaign as the personality won’t suit the business you have.

You need to employ an
all-inclusive approach while planning for influencer marketing. You can rely
upon expert teams for social media management Gold Coast to do the assessment
and decision making on your behalf. They are quite proficient with the industry
dynamics and can easily help you determine your target audience and influencer
after examining your marketing goals.

How to create an
influencer marketing strategy?

Just like any marketing
venture, influencer marketing is also a strategic process that requires
in-depth researching, targeting, and decision-making. Strategic success would
be farfetched if you fail to prepare the right strategy for achieving your
goals. The top three factors you need to consider while creating an influencer
marketing strategy are as follows:

Identifying Social Media Platform:

Influencer Marketing

Identifying relies upon researching. So, the first step of your marketing strategy should be researching about every single aspect associated with your brand and the probable influencer. First and foremost, you need to realise the network or platform to focus on initially, and later you can add multiple networks. Such as, focus on Instagram or Facebook first then expand your reachability by including YouTube or Twitter.

Starting with one network is beneficial
because you can focus entirely on a single area. The marketing requirements of
every network vary greatly, which makes it important to focus on one in the
beginning. If unsure about where to being, hire a team of social media
management Gold Coast to do the job.

Determine your Budget:

You can spend only as much
that you have. There is and should be a limit when it comes to finances. Having
an idea about how much you can pay influencers and invest into the influencer
marketing campaign. Furthermore, you would need to dedicated expenses for
planning and executing of the strategy as well as regular reviewing of the
impact of the campaign.

Careful monitoring is the key
to successful influencer marketing campaign, without which your strategy won’t
evolve as per the changing consumer dynamics or trends and it will soon become

Finding and Contacting Influencers:

A good social media
management Gold Coast team can help you in this step a lot. You might have the
perfect strategy on paper but having the right influencer on board is extremely
significant if you want to achieve success. A social media management team
would identify your network, goals, and the perfect influencers to target.

There are certain tips that
might be helpful for you if finding influencer all by yourself.

  • The
    influencer MUST post about similar items as you want to promote. For instance,
    restaurant owners should hire influencers known for their love for dining out
    and food.
  • The
    authenticity of the influencer and reputation also matters a lot. Having a
    reputation of bad influence will be detrimental for your campaign and positive
    image would be helpful.
  • The
    regularity of posting on social media is another key aspect to check out. The
    more active influencer is on social media, the more fruitful it would be for
    you to hire them.

You would be surprised to
know that around 80% of entrepreneurs and business owners believe that
influencer marketing is an excellent marketing tool that can help in business
growth. When a trusted personality is roped in to market a product, the
consumers are bound to take notice and follow them. That’s why influencer
marketing has gained so much prominence.
You can also reap the various benefits it has to offer by creating
effective influencer marketing strategy.

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