Successful Website

Having a website for your business is a must in today’s technological world, but even so, only around half of small businesses have a website and even fewer have a website that is successful. A successful website is one that generates leads which turns into customers. The key website attributes that create a successful website will be describe in this article. Think of these requirements as a set of web design indications to build a lead generating website and see your digital marketing strategy take off.

Clear message on home page

The homepage is often the first contact between visitors and your website and it represents one of the most important aspects of successful web design. The home page should look professional and appealing and communicate a clear message at the same time. After taking a quick look at your homepage, visitors should be able to tell what you do, who you are, and why they should stay on your website and keep reading.

Contact information

A reliable and trustworthy business should be easy to reach via mail, phone, and the Internet. Have your contact information displayed on a separate page and also make sure your preferred contact channel is displayed on every page of your website.

Clear calls to action

People take a look at your website and find out information about your products and services – but then what? A lead-generating website built for marketing purposes should indicate to visitors exactly what is expected of them to do. Actions you can require from your prospects are subscribing to your email list, purchasing your products/services or asking them to follow your social channels and so on.

Optimised for mobile

The large majority of your audience is accessing the Internet from a mobile device. If your potential customers are not making purchases directly from their smartphone every time, the one thing you know for sure is that they are researching products and services on the go rather than staying in front of their computer to find the desired items. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly or you won’t stand a chance in today’s digital marketing world, dominated by mobile devices.

Search engine optimisedSuccessful Website

Some of the benefits that small businesses have by optimising their websites for search engines include: being able to compete with large businesses, managing their online reputation, being able to reach new markets, competing in your local area where there can be less competition, building trust, and increasing traffic to your website. Showing up on the first few results pages displayed by Google and Bing not only makes you more visible but also increases your credibility, thus determining prospects to trust you and do business with you.

User friendly

Easiness of use is one of the main key attributes required for a successful website. When someone feels at ease while navigating on your website and the design is so effective that people find immediately what they are looking for, customers show less resistance to your messages and follow your calls to action in larger numbers.

Visually appealing

Functionality goes hand in hand with a modern and attractive look of your website. A web design expert will know how to make a website easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Every key feature you manage to implement into your website, including good modern looks, represents a competitive advantage and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Worried you might forget one of these features? Trust us with your web design needs and VMA will build for you an effective, lead generation website that will determine more prospects to become interested in your offerings and turn into loyal customers.

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