kick-start your business in 2015

Many of us make personal New Years’ resolutions, whether we like to admit it or not. We secretly decide to change various aspects of our lives, but these resolutions are usually forgotten in a month or two by most.

Things can work out completely different if your want to kick-start your business in 2015. We encourage anyone to make this kind of New Year business resolution, but not without designing a solid plan before getting down to work. We have crafted a simple 5-step strategy to help you improve your business performance in 2015.

1. Planning your Digital Marketing Strategy

If your 2015 digital marketing strategy blueprint is not ready yet, it is high time you started to create it. Depending on your business and its specific needs, you should try the following strategies:

  • Facebook remarketing. This technique improving your ROI enables you to advertise to people who have visited your website and already expressed their interest in your products and services. By showing ads to website visitors on Facebook, you are helping your prospects advance through the marketing funnel with minimum effort from your part.
  • High-quality blog content improves your ranking in organic search engine results. Update your blog with interesting and engaging new entries and you will also have the perfect content for Facebook and Twitter posts within reach.
  • YouTube videos. Online videos should be a crucial component of your 2015 digital strategy and they can help with SEO as well. Videos improve your search engine exposure, and YouTube is owned by Google.
  • Start using Instagram. If your brand is focused on young audiences, don’t forget about this increasingly popular social networking service. Its advantages are increased engagement, building trust, advertising for free and huge exposure.
  • Take advantage of Twitter’s developing features. Now users can view embedded content without leaving the website and the 140-character limit has become less restrictive. Other advantages are communicating directly with your audiences and evaluating the performance of your marketing campaign by tracking hashtags.

2. Are you getting found on Google?

SEO is constantly changing, and you need to regularly update your getting found on Google strategy. Experts predict that in 2015 SEO will continue to focus on both technical elements and content and that optimising websites for mobile users will be an absolute must. Other important factors you need to consider when looking to increase your website ranking are social signals, business citations and mentions, and audience engagement levels. SEO will continue to integrate into marketing strategies rather than remaining a separate field.

3. Time to include Pay Per Click Marketing

If a reduced-costs digital marketing strategy has failed to kick-start your business in 2014, the solution can be Pay Per Click Marketing. This method places your advertisement on top or on the right of organic search results and you only pay when a user clicks on your advertisement. PPC advertisement provides fast results, control over your marketing campaign, flexibility, tracking options, and precise targeting.

4. Do you have an effective Landing Page?

Landing pages have become an indispensable part of online marketing. They are critical for your lead generation efforts as they represent the gateway to conversions & or data capture. These web pages contain a lead-capture form where visitors fill in personal information to get a free consultation, an e-book, or quotes for various services.

If your website lacks an effective landing page, you are probably investing too much on traffic and ignoring the second part of lead generation: conversion. Furthermore, landing pages provide you with qualified leads and also help you reduce advertising costs.

5. Don’t forget about your existing customers either

Obtaining qualified leads using your landing page and converting them to customers is not the end of the marketing funnel. Customer retention and attracting profitable customer who refer your business should represent your main marketing objectives for 2015.

It is easier to sell to existing customer than attracting new ones. Actually, a well-known business rule based on the Pareto principle says that 80% of your profits come from 20% of your customers. Nurture your leads and existing customers using email marketing campaigns and by engaging with audiences on social media. Other methods of boosting customer retention are constantly checking on them to find out what they’re doing, using thank you notes, making special offers, and inviting them to events.

What do you intend to do in order to kick-start your business in 2015? Put your plan on paper today or consult with a Digital Marketing Strategy Expert if you require assistance!

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