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At VMA we offer multiple marketing solutions for all types of businesses and recently we have decided to introduce a new service for you. After collaborating with many clients over the years, we have understood that companies need reliable online marketing reporting tools that allow them to measure the efficacy of their marketing actions. We know that busy business men and women like yourself are looking for a one-stop shop, no matter what services or products you are interested in.

As a result, we have partnered with Agency Analytics to offer you an excellent analytics tool without you needing to secure it from a different source and waste time and money in the process.

The New Analytics Tool Dashboard on offer at VMA is an all in one reporting platform which will show in real time how well your marketing campaigns are performing. This online marketing reporting tool is easy to read and use, and it provides its users with clear and simple data charts that can be read by anyone regardless of their experience level.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with this new tool:

Automated reporting

There is no need to generate reports to gain access to the data you are interested in. The Analytics Tool Dashboard provides you with a variety of marketing insights representing almost everything you’d like to know about your company marketing. This means you will be saving hours on reporting and have more time to focus on what matters, like new business ideas or just enjoying some spare time.

All-in-one reporting

Your business communicates through a variety of outlets, and yet you wouldn’t like to access all these tools to see how your messages are being received by the audience – it would take you a lot of time and become that kind of repetitive task you begin to hate in a short time. The good news is that the analytic tool we have just introduced offers you access to Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and social networks analytics, and is also a SEO ranker. You find out immediately all your campaigns data and you can make the right decision within minutes.

Customisable dashboardAnalytics Tool

There are no two businesses alike, so we can create an interactive dashboard where we add widgets as you wish. Only the information that makes a difference on your bottom line is displayed. A quick look at the dashboard will inform you how fast the campaigns are performing, without being distracted by non-essential information.

Additional features

The main purpose of this reporting tool is to provide you with valuable marketing insights about your company, but you can also enjoy two other features:

  • Scheduling posts to social platforms -no need to switch to a social media management tool after having a great idea based on the report you have just read.
  • Issuing tasks to other users- delegation is the key to success when your business starts to grow and the amount of work multiplies in a short time.

Trusted by experts

By adopting this online marketing reporting tool, you are not part of an experiment, but instead you will be using a trusted tool already verified by hundreds of marketing agencies.

Imagine what a difference this great Analytics Tool can make for your business! Contact VMA today for more information or to sign up!

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