Online Marketing Measurement Tools

You already know that online marketing is more effective than traditional promotion methods, but how can you determine the impact that your website and social media accounts have on your business? This article looks into the most important online marketing measurement tools so you can assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and even make improvements on the way. Here’s what you should do:

Focus on your website

As long as you have a lead generation website (and you should have one if you want to get the most from online marketing), your aim will be measuring variables such as the number of people who visit your website, how they land your website, how much time they spend on each web page, and how many visitors complete your subscription forms, to start with. Your website should be the core of your online marketing and you should always monitor its activity carefully.

Google Analytics is the best-known and commonly used of all the free website analytics programs. It’s designed to help marketers optimise the results they get from their website – if you have a website and want to generate leads through it using Google Analytics is a must. It is very easy to use and once you know how you will understand what a valuable tool Google Analytics is.

For instance, one of the things you can find out with Google Analytics is the segmentation of traffic based on point of origin. By going to the “Acquisition” section of Google Analytics, you will determine how every channel is performing:

  • Direct – how many people typed your website URL directly into their web browser – these users either know your business very well or have seen the URL on print
  • Referrals – external links from other sites – you have probably been concentrating on link building in the last months and the method has started to pay off
  • Organic – when people find you by performing a search – it shows your SEO strategy is effective and you are using the right keywords on your website
  • Social – people who have found you through social media.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most commonly used and effective online marketing methods. By using email marketing software you also have access to online marketing measurement tools which help you determine how many recipients open your emails and how many users click on the links in your email, among others.

Social mediaOnline Marketing Measurement Tools

Social networks also provide measurement tools for business pages, such as Facebook Insights. If you can’t find the information you need with built-in tools, you can try social media analytics apps like Buffer, Followerwonk, Quintly, Audiense, or TweetReach. With such software, you can find out extensive information, from mentions of your Twitter username to perceived brand personality based on the tone of your social media posts.

Call tracking

Services such as Call tracking enable you to discover which website pages, keywords, and marketing campaigns lead to phone calls and conversions. Click-to-call tracking and keyword-level attribution are used to track calls and eventually optimise your marketing campaigns for a higher return on investment. Calls can be routed based on caller location and demographics, advertising channel, caller history, and other custom fields you create.

Employing the right online marketing measurement tools is a crucial part of your online marketing efforts. These measurement tools can make the difference between having a low online presence to growing your online reputation gradually until you manage to generate a large number of leads online.

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