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Online video marketing just keeps growing in popularity and importance; Social media has contributed to making video more important than ever through the rise of Stories. At the same time, YouTube videos presents strong competition for social networks provided video platforms and their popularity keeps rising as well. Last, but not least, the latest websites are designed with video content in mind as they encourage visitors to stay on their pages for longer.

Consumers maintain this ascending trend because they love video; it is an easy-to-digest format and it requires less effort to consume compared to online text. Experts estimate that 1 billion hours of YouTube online video is being watched every day, not to mention video from countless other platforms.

But aside from captivating the audience’s attention like no other tool, what makes video and video marketing so important for your business promotion? Keep on reading to see what the main benefits of video marketing are and why you should use it:

Easy to create

Professional videographer services may be required for some business applications, yet video that you can create with your smartphone camera has its own role. It can be just as effective as a ‘bells and whistles’ video, created at a professional level. This is because people appreciate the authenticity of an online video and trust more content that appears to have been created by an actual person rather than a business. All you have to do is use your phone and record your staff at work or your products.

Online video marketing helps customers understand products

When did you last purchase a new appliance and did not know how to use it? Did you prefer reading text instructions on paper or did you look for an online video on how to use the product? An increasing number of consumers find that a video that offers close-ups of the product and illustrates how to use it is helpful and can offer an incentive to buy, if they have not yet.

Helping with SEO

video marketing

It has been estimated that by 2021 more than 80% of all traffic will consist of video. As long as the videos on your website are optimised properly (keywords, meta descriptions, and a good title), they can propel you to the first page of search results because search engines consider video high-quality content.

Staying competitive

Online video marketing is a must nowadays, as more than 80% of businesses are currently using video for promoting their products and services. Not using video will simply put you behind your competition and cause you to lose customers. The fact that more and more businesses produce videos has determined the industry to become saturated. Marketers who miss the start will struggle more to get engagement from videos when customers are already flooded with video content from competitors.

Increasing engagement with user-generated content

Such campaigns where content is produced and submitted by customers are being used to promote brands as they generate excellent response from consumers:

  • more than 50% email open rates
  • over 40% click-throughs
  • conversion rates over 33%

A major advantage of this type of campaign is the reduced cost to the business. Customers produce the video content and the business just needs to come up with the idea and combine the videos into one piece of content that tells an interesting story.

Creating a real-time feel

Basic videos that are optimised using tools provided by social networks are particularly successful because they offer intimate glimpses of what is going on behind the scenes. Videos that are only up for 24 hours also provide marketers with the opportunity to create ads for time-sensitive promotions, and the feel of face-to-face interaction helps building brand trust.

Triggering purchasing decisions

Placing a video in a landing page has been shown to boost conversion rates by up to 80% as long as the auto-play feature is off (your audience may have their device’s sound set at the maximum level and be scared or put off by a loud video playing automatically). Other reasons why video helps with conversions include

  • keeping users on the website for a longer time
  • attracting people who don’t enjoy reading
  • seeing the product in action via an explainer video which makes the product more desirable and easy to understand.

Reaching audiences where they spend most of their online time

Online video marketing and online video consumption go hand in hand and it is expected that in 2021 the average person will spend 100 minutes watching video content. The average person spends less time watching conventional television, while younger people may watch little to no TV. This tendency has made online video the fastest-growing digital channel in terms of advertising expenditure. The increasing preference for online video can be explained by the fact that almost half of consumers want videos to reflect what they are interested in. Interactivity or the ability to decide what information they want to view and when they want to view it has determined the large majority of consumers to migrate to online media and spend most of the online time watching videos.

Creating quality content

With recommendations such as 30 seconds for an Instagram video or 2 minutes for a YouTube video, you may think that video is only reserved for fun and will just lead to people having shorter and shorter attention spans. The truth may be far from what you are expecting; a study has busted the shortening attention spans myth and showed that long-form videos inspire greater engagement because they enable brands to build that emotional connection that makes them memorable to consumers. So for video marketing to be effective it is important to maintain a high standard of content quality throughout.

So what we know so far is that video is a vital tool for your digital marketing strategy, and that you can use it in multiple ways – on your website, social media and even in emails. Now that you’re thinking about implementing video marketing to promote your business, where do you start?

Visual Marketing Australia can help with that, as producing online video content is one of our offered services and can be used to engage your audience instantly and highlight your products and services in a professional and engaging manner.

Whether you require video marketing services alone or you need a complete digital marketing strategy that integrates online video, you will achieve the best results with us. Online video creates a greater impact on your site and research shows that over 80% of visitors will view a video while 52% will take action after viewing it!

People want to connect and interact, not just view text on a web page. You have a few short seconds to attract the attention of visitors to your website – and online video does just that! Let your customers get to know you – you will be amazed at what you can achieve with just 1 or 2 minutes of online video! Benefits include:

  • Promoting your business 24/7;
  • Personalising your business & building awareness and trust;
  • Receiving more enquiries from qualified prospects searching for you online;
  • Offering the same, fast & consistent message to potential clients;
  • Converting more enquiries to sales;
  • Saving money with e-mail & online advertising;
  • Employing an easy and cost effective solution as we have packages to suit your needs.

They say that a picture is worth 1000 words, but video is worth 1 million – see it for yourself by contacting us today!

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