Digital Marketing

Whether you deal with marketing budgets of hundreds, thousands, or millions, you have probably seen an unreasonable amount of dollars go to waste. Forget about the opportunity cost, wasted human capital, and so on.

What’s the challenge we face here? We probably have some tactic that we invested a lot of time and energy into. It could be anything from SEO to Facebook ads to content marketing. We did everything right, and yet, we have limited results still…

The issue is simple: you have no strategy! Or at least not a complete one. You have tactics – maybe brilliant tactics – with a silo’d approach. Individually, they appear to be excellent, but somewhere you’re falling off track. This is commonly by forgetting to double-check two main areas of digital strategy: ideal customer profiles and digital sales funnels.

1. The Ideal Customer Profile

Do you know who your customers? No, seriously. Think about this deeply, because it can be the most pivotal and transformational step of your marketing and business you’ll ever take.

The ideal customer profile, or ICP, is a way to truly understand who your typical ideal customer is and what motivates them. It helps shape every marketing message. Going forward, all you do connects with that single individual, developing powerful communication.

Take a moment to develop an ICP. If you have multiple products and services, it’s likely you have more than one ideal customer. Create a few profiles if needed, but be sure to take time for this exercise. Write out the main demographics of your ideal customers. Then, add the motivations, dreams, fears, and buying inhibitors and restrictions.

If you find it helpful, you can download an ideal customer profile guide here. It’s a secret bonus for readers of my book only, so keep it private!

2. Digital Sales Funnel

The other aspect is the sales funnel. With a single tactic, you can’t complete the entire funnel. There are four main stages you should be concerned with in digital marketing:

  1. Generating Demand
  2. Capturing Quality Leads
  3. Nurturing Leads
  4. Converting Leads into Customers

So, your Facebook efforts are probably great for generating demand. Your free white paper offer might be just fine to capture a lead. And, your email marketing might nurture those leads until they’re ready to buy.

But, when all these activities are fragmented, and sometimes entire stages of the funnel missing, you run into issues. That’s when all that time, money, and energy invested into your marketing delivers little results.

If you can trace how a prospect will first find your company, be engaged enough to keep their attention, be happily willing to give up their contact information to stay in touch with you, be nurtured and educated from a researcher to someone ready to buy, and then becoming that new customer for your business, you’re doing well.

If you can’t draw that line through the funnel and end up stuck, you have something to fix! Before you try investing in more advertising or different marketing efforts, fix the leak in your current funnel. That will result in a great return-on-investment than any other initiative you engage in.

In summary – if you want powerful digital marketing, develop an ideal customer profile and align your activities to a digital sales funnel. That’s the key to produce results.