In a recent post about Zoho CRM we were talking about the importance of customer retention and how critical it is for your company’s success to attract loyal customers. Research has shown that as little as 5% increase in customer retention can result in an increase in company revenue by 25-95%!

Cultivating loyalty is a very powerful tool that many businesses overlook while focusing on other, less effective ways of increasing profits. In the aforementioned article we were also showing how Zoho CRM can be used to attract and ease repeat business due to a series of features the world’s second favourite sales platform offers.

Relationship marketing

Looking at the bigger picture, what your business needs to learn is how to do relationship marketing, the best way to retain customers and stop wasting money on acquiring new customers that don’t stick. According to this Hubspot definition, relationship marketing is

“a type of marketing that focuses on cultivating deeper, more meaningful relationships with customers to ensure long-term satisfaction and brand loyalty. Relationship marketing is not focused on short-term wins or sales transactions — rather, it is focused on delighting an audience and your customers for the long-haul.”

Tactics used to implement relationship marketing in a company often look totally different from what traditional marketing had taught us to do in order to attract clients: messages that don’t resemble advertisements, admitting mistakes, creating content that takes more time and effort to digest, offering lifetime warranties, and being 100% transparent about products and services.

These are bold changes that may require some companies to completely change the way they do marketing, but before achieving this type of marketing that consists of fostering customer loyalty, interaction, and long-term engagement, you also need a tool to help you understand your audience. You need to become able to reach prospects where they are most likely to react in a positive manner. Zoho CRM Social media tools will enable you to determine what tactics work and what marketing activities are ineffective.

Relationship marketing today is not possible without the latest technologies that are used to manage customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifestyle. Insight from software like Zoho allows you to create more personalised and positive experiences. Here is how Zoho CRM can help with social media:

Measuring results

A recent study revealed that 3.2 billion people use social media. With over 42% of the human population on it, it’s vital business to get social. However, being on social media without measuring it is pointless. Analysing social media data will help you build a social strategy to grow your business; it will help you understand the crowd as this takes more than just a simple monitoring of your social media pages and reading what people are posting every day. Zoho CRM social media can assist by:

  • Monitoring customer feedback on social networking sites;
  • Keeping track of customer’s social media interactions inside CRM;
  • Getting notified on Zoho CRM whenever someone interacts with your brand;
  • Managing and posting to your brand’s social media accounts from CRM;
  • Adding leads from social media back to CRM.
  • Understanding your audience

This allows you to tailor content that resonates with your target market and helps to build an effective content strategy. For instance, you can create your own listening stream and follow what your prospects and competitors are saying about your brand on Twitter with keyword tracking in the Monitor Tab. It is also possible to listen to live updates from your prospects to understand what matters to them and find the right time to get in touch.

Understanding your ads

Social media ads are rather expensive, so you should measure them to see if they deliver successful ad performance and find out what you need to change about your social media campaigns. Zoho can integrate Facebook profiles so you can keep track of all your online conversations but also measure your online marketing activities as Zoho connects to your Facebook Ad manager.

You can easily manage Facebook ads inside CRM as Zoho CRM has extensions for Facebook Ad management and lets you bring your campaign information into CRM and compare the results from campaigns against sales. Some of the actions you can take are comparing the performance of your campaigns against each other to determine which are most effective at bringing in leads, importing your spending from these campaigns, comparing it with other expenses, managing your sales budget, and creating dashboards for your Facebook Ads.

Understanding your content

CRM software programs like Zoho will give you an overview of everything such as likes, shares, comments, what content does well, devices content is consumed on, reaches and impressions (views), profile views, clicks – all allowing you to reduce wasted time and focus on what works. Zoho CRM social media features consist of social dashboards that allow you to focus on the social media conversations important to your business. You can follow posts and conversations from your leads, contacts, or potentials, and thus stay ahead of the curve without needing to manually check all your social network accounts.

Managing your social media conversations in real time

The social tab in Zoho CRM allows you to take multiple actions from its social tab, such as closing deals and sharing content. If your company has multiple social media profiles for individual products or services, Zoho CRM makes it easy to manage them by adding the profiles under a Brand. The platform seamlessly synchronizes all your brand profiles and settings in real time. You don’t have to switch from one browser tab to another as it is all there – your only task is to react to customer interactions and seize the opportunity to sell.

Aside from managing conversations in real time, you have access to conversation history. Once a contact has been added to Zoho CRM, you can access their information, deal history, and activities from the Social Tab. You can see the most recent social conversations your business has had with your contacts, and with real-time information you’ll never miss out on the sales context in your responses to social media posts.

Automating social media tasks

You can add leads manually from the Social Tab, or you can automate your lead generation. Zoho CRM lets you set up triggers to automatically add leads and contacts from social media based on the type of customer interaction. You can also automatically assign leads and contacts to your sales reps with assignment rules, tasks, and reminders.

In the end, when considering implementing Zoho CRM social media tools, you simply want a good ROI from effort and money, so you can increase in brand awareness, website traffic, customer engagement, sales and conversions whilst reducing technical support issues.

If you want to enjoy all these advantages and sell more on social media with help from Zoho, contact Visual Marketing Australia for an obligation-free consultation. We are an Authorised Consulting Partner for Zoho since 2018 and we can help you obtain the various Zoho packages from just the CRM to also include Sales Automation and Marketing Automation, Finance, HR, Project Management, Social Media, and much more. Give us a call today and we will show you how to acquire and use CRM to increase your company’s sales through Zoho CRM social media!

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