needle haystack

Identifying business opportunities, prospects, influencers, and doing so profitably, has been likened by many to searching for a needle in a haystack.

And that’s before the effort needed to sustain this search effort and the customer relationships that follow.

The social web makes this easier because you can use the social web to search for the right needles, and the right haystacks.

You can analyse which needles are the sharpest, shiniest and best suited to your needs.

You can discover needles you didn’t even know existed, and analyse them to confirm whether they are of use to you.

You can work out which needles to discard, and which need extra-special handling.

And as the market pours more needles into more haystacks, you can keep up with the flow.

How? By deploying (as it were) a programmable, intelligent magnet that identifies and extracts the right needles from the right haystacks.

And then identifies who put them there (and why).

The needles are the Comments, Likes, Follows and Shares made by those using the social web. The haystacks provide the context and perspective on why the needle was placed there.

You define which needles you want to find. Then program your magnet and use the social web to help you find them.