digital marketing trends in 2020

If you are a business owner, your first and foremost point of concern should be devising an effective and innovative marketing strategy to sell your products/services. In this regard, you can always count upon digital marketing as it is a tried and tested and proven platform to ensure instant recognition. The success and popularity garnered by digital marketing is undoubtedly unprecedented. Not only is it progressing continually but we can expect many new digital marketing trends in 2020. If you aren’t aware of the upcoming digital marketing trends then you cannot expect your campaign to receive as much love and acceptance from the masses. That’s why we have created a list of those key trends that are bound to dominate the digital marketing industry in 2020.


Hyper-targeting is probably the most important of all digital marketing trends in 2020. Through hyper-targeting, businesses can easily reach out to potential customer by utilizing accurate insights into their demands and preferences. These insights can be used in creating more targeted and effective ads instead of generic ones that are usually discredited as spam and immediately deleted. Through hyper-targeting, conversion rates receive a substantial boost and wastage of funds and resources is prevented.


Personalisation is akin to hyper-targeting in essence, but in practice it is a somewhat different approach that’s why it is listed as one of the best digital marketing trends in 2020. Personalisation basically is a marketing approach wherein meaningful interactions are ensured with potential clients and customers at regular intervals so that they could be enticed to convert. Personalisation refers to provision of the right product and service to the right person at the right time. It is an important trend to utilize in 2020 because customers are fed up of generic ads that doesn’t cater to their needs and requirements. Customers of the twenty first century need personalized products that are designed and produced exactly as they want them to be. This requires careful assessment of their preferences, which is achieved through meaningful interactions.

Customer Retention:

This is perhaps the one trend that has remained consistently part of every year’s digital marketing trends and the situation isn’t different when it comes to digital marketing trends in 2020. However, the approach towards ensuring customer retention has evolved greatly over the years. Today, nurturing existing customers is as important as is acquiring new ones and this goes for both small and large businesses. Given the extreme segmentation in the market, the focus has shifted from customer retention slightly, as was observed in 2019, and companies are spending a lot of money on acquiring new customers. There is no harm in aiming for more but retaining existing customers should be the priority, and this is exactly what we should expect in 2020. Loyal customers are directly proportional to consistently successful transactions and if you provide them satisfactory experience, they are most likely to inform their friends and family about your products/services.

Content Marketing:

Content is for a website, what fuel is for a vehicle. Not only for the website, your social media pages and e-newsletters all rely greatly upon content. Without having effective and impactful content, it is not possible to keep your business relevant in the digital world where captions and taglines can make or break businesses overnight. Search engines put your provided content in their search results and the more searchable it happens to be the more your relevancy will be increased. That’s why content market is regarded one of the most influential of all the digital marketing trends in 2020.

Voice Search:

You might already be acquainted with Alexa and might even like to converse with the smart speaker. There are so many different smart speakers available today such as Google Home or Amazon Echo and the trend of voice search has only increased over time. That’s why most of the adults in the US, approx. 25%, like to own a smart speaker while 31% of all smartphone users in the country prefer using voice-activated search assistant like Siri. Our prediction is that in 2020, at least half of the searches from Americans will be voice-based. That’s why voice search is among the most dependable digital marketing trends in 2020. You cannot afford to ignore voice search because it is such a versatile domain that you can use it in many ways such as optimize your website for voice searching. Do remember that to benefit from voice search you need to use long tail keywords such as how to make fudge brownies instead of short keywords like fudge brownies.

Shoppable Posts:

You might already be aware of the
influential status enjoyed by social media in digital marketing industry.
Online marketing is like a half baked pie without social media. You need to
realize that the number of people shopping through or on social media is
increasing day-by-day. Around 60% of the users on Instagram agreed that they
like to discover new products on the platform and 70% of Pinterest users out of
the 4,000 participants of the survey said that Pinterest always helps them find
new products/services. The reason why users are fond of Instagram and Pinterest
is that these platforms have identified the needs and preferences of users
regarding online marketing and are serving them just that. Over the last few
years, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have employed effective e-commerce
strategies to make shoppable posts using easy navigation to make it easy for
users to shop. These platforms use techniques like tagging the users in
relevant shoppable posts to ensure that traffic is diverted to the required
website. Online retailers must utilize this trend in 2020 to make a lasting
impact on their targeted customers.

Interactive Content:

It is a sure shot fact that in 2020, interactive content will be most admired by customers and buyers, which is why it is expected that the focus of digital marketing will shift to that. This may include but isn’t limited to polls/quizzes, AR and VR, shoppable posts, and 360-degree videos. Interactive content is going to make it to the top digital marketing trends in 2020 because it is a completely new approach and offers visitors an interesting experience that compels them to stay on the page for long. Another key feature is that it is shareable, which increases your brand recognition.

Smart Bidding in Google Ads:

We already have utilized automation this year to its fullest but as per the latest Google Ads updates it is believed that smart bidding will up the game next year and might become a norm for a majority of PPC account managers. For optimizing your bids, Google Ads use machine learning, which is why you can expect maximum value out of every single conversion. Now that we have heard about improvements in the Google Ads at the Google Marketing Live, it is probable that your bids will be better optimized now and you will be able to choose conversion actions at the campaign level. You may get to optimize your bids across multiple campaigns using various conversion actions and set bids on auto-change as soon as one sale stops. Through these improvements, your conversions will get boosted tremendously. Hence, there is no doubt that smart bidding in Google Ads will lead the digital marketing trends in 2020.

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