SEO Keywords

We can all admit the fact that all of us click on the top three links or any link available on the first page of Google or any search engine you are currently using. It is the goal of every site/blog to come into sight at the top of the first page of the search engine. While some might be grateful for just being on the first page alone. Once you can be found on the first page of a search engine, then the traffic incoming will be what every website owner desires. Emerging on the first page of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) is not as easy as it seems. Several techniques and schemes are required to achieve this goal, like the appropriate usage of keywords and their usage throughout the content. The utilization of keywords allows the organic traffic to flow through. In this article, we come bearing the techniques of how to write articles by using SEO keywords and receive oodles of traffic.

Types of Website Traffic

There are fundamentally two types of traffic; organic and sponsored. Keeping both at your command is much better than having only one. SERPs are an inexpensive way of getting traffic while advertised stuff costs money.

Getting to Know Keywords in Relation to SEO

SEO keywords make it possible for your page to be found on the search engine. The results depend upon the SEO expert who uses keywords or phrases in your content according to your niche or business type. An attractive, optimized and generally well-done website is indispensable in any marketing strategy. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of dragging organic traffic to your site through the use of effective and relevant keywords. The SEO experts use words that are relevant to the content you asked them to write which makes them rank high on the first page of the search engine. Furthermore, Search engines do not just rank you or place you on top by the usage of keywords. Other elements also play a crucial role like link utilization and content quality.

Finding Keywords

You need to search for keywords that relate to your topic and it is important that the right ones used or your work can be ruined. You will be looking for keywords that you think the audience will use while searching content you are putting forward. Google Analytics and Google search console can help with this task.

Finding Pages for Optimization via Google Analytics

GOOGLE ANALYTICS helps you understand how visit

ors are getting to your website in the first place. Whether its organic traffic, paid traffic or social traffic and what keywords are driving the most engaged traffic. Google Analytics also helps identify the number of times your site has appeared in search results for a particular keyword; as well as, the number of clicks your site received and the percentage.

SEO Keyword Placement

It is important that your content is surrounded by the words and phrases used by the audience to search the content of your niche. However, the placement of your SEO keywords plays a crucial role in the process of optimizing your content. SEO software apps make this task a piece of cake.

Using Keywords in the Meta Description

Meta description is a block of a short text that describes what the link/site is offering below the link that appears on search engines. It has an important role in letting Google know that your content is relevant to what people are searching for.

The use of the keyword should mix with the details so well that it compels the audience to click. This technique increases clicks and lets the benefits come through. Google bots always keep ranking websites according to their niches which makes SEO a necessity.

Using Keywords in the Page Titles

The title is the first thing you will need to think about before dealing with the big stuff. Titles are the texts that have the ability to make the audience comprehend the purpose of the whole content. It is basically a few word introduction to the main content. It is important to use the keyword creatively so it doesn’t look forced into the title. The title needs to lets the audience know quickly what is about to be discussed in the content available.

Using Keywords in the Sub-Headings

Sub-headings are the next place you would want your SEO keywords to sit and do their work. Subheading makes your content more searchable. It helps the audience to quickly decide if the content is relevant to what they searched. Therefore, adding SEO keywords in the subheadings can help to drag a lot of traffic.

Using Keywords in the Content

All the steps taken above are impossible if the content is not available. Utilizing keywords in the main content also helps to drive traffic the site. This might even be the most important place of using the keywords. Keywords should not be used in the way that it looks like they are imposed, adding them creatively and letting them blend with the background can do wonders and make your content look more like “content”. Google always knows when someone has showered their content with keywords. Finding keywords people search for should be the initiation of work because without it will be kind of difficult to reach the top three venues.

Using Keywords in the Main Content

Here we will be providing you with the list of how to appropriately use keywords in the content: Firstly, don’t keep repeating the same keyword, use different versions of it in different ways.

Secondly, some people often mess up the semantics of the sentence. Using them without ruining grammar is also an art that only SEO experts know. Also, don’t forget to use words that can be easily understood by people.

Thirdly, using the main keywords in the initial sentences is also a very good technique to make a place at the top of the page.

Using Keywords in Pictures

The use of pictures in your work can up your game. The pictures are indexed just like all the other things on the page. Indexing of image contains keywords, caption, and headings mainly. Your content can also be found via image indexing if you employ images in your work. Inserting keywords or key phrases into the belly of images is not a hard task. It is super easy and always helps out. First of all, choose an image that goes with the theme of your work than naming it according to the keyword also, use it as a title of the image.

Uniform Source Locator (URL)

URL is basically the texts and numbers in the search section when you open a website, yes, the confusing thing in the search column. They make it convenient for the audience and search engine to find content easily that too, categorized. URLs give the idea of the content in your site, therefore, make sure to use a URL in relation to your content. They should be short sweet and bearing keywords. Going through all these contents would have made it clear that how keywords and of course, what they are. These techniques come in handy and are very useful if you are an SEO expert-in-making.

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