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Everybody knows it, people respond to Video Marketing more than text and it is easy to explain why – our brains prefer to process moving visuals rather than written content. Actually, we process visuals 60,000 times faster than we process text, and this hasn’t changed too much since the time of our ancestors who used to live in caves.

While written text is a relatively new development in the history of humankind, the human brain has always been hardwired to things that move and produce sounds. Video engages people at a primitive, visceral level, and we know very well that emotion comes before reason when making purchasing decisions. So, it’s easy to understand why video marketing has become a vital part of digital marketing.

Video content – an incipient segment of digital marketing

Using video to engage prospects and to sell is not a new idea, but only in the recent years has video begun to get a bigger slice of the digital marketing “pie”. Faster Internet connections and more powerful computers have made business audiences better prepared for high-resolution video messages that provide brands with the possibility to replicate “face-to-face” communication.

Keep on reading to discover the top trends of video marketing in 2016 – some of them could work wonders for your business!

Top Trends in Video Marketing

Adding your visual identity elements to every piece of content, from articles and pictures to videos, helps increase your brand awareness – the more often people see your brand logo and colours, the more recognisable it becomes. Given that video is such a powerful tool, branding your video pages is an excellent idea because you will use a highly-effective technique as a vehicle for your brand elements. Video marketing is easy to grasp, and so will become your custom brand elements.

  • Video landing pages

Landing pages are a must for any lead-generating website; adding video to these pages makes them even more effective – a study reveals that using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%. Video marketing encourages people to stay more on your landing page, as watching a video requires less effort than reading.

Expert tip: Include yourself or company employees in the video to make prospects trust you and your message more.

  • Live video streaming

Nowadays you don’t have to appear on a TV show anymore to be seen by audiences – you can broadcast your own content using tools that are available to most Internet users. Live streaming erases any event’s physical and geographical restrictions and has the potential to increase your audience. This relatively new technique can make you stand out from the crowd and keep your prospects and customers wired to your video content. There are multiple methods for doing this, and one of the most popular is Google+ Hangouts On Air, which has recently moved to YouTube Live.

Email marketing is known as the digital marketing technique with the highest return on investment. Imagine the amazing results you’ll get by combining email and video! Make sure your email subject line is compelling enough to determine subscribers to open your email, and from this moment on, your email is a winner if you include the appropriate video in it. Video Marketing is better at engaging email recipients for a longer time and improves click-through rates.

  • Real-live storytelling via social live streaming

Using social live streaming tools gives an edgy note to your brand and allows you to obtain higher engagement levels from prospects. All these techniques enable you to transmit your message to larger audiences because video can easily be shared through social media in a fun and accessible way.

Benefits of Video Tools for your Marketing Campaign

Video Marketing has the potential to transmit a large amount of information without requiring too much effort from viewers. It allows you to connect emotionally with audiences and to build more trust and credibility by mimicking face-to-face communication. Transmitting more information in an accessible manner boosts your brand image and eases user interaction. Ultimately, video tools lead to a higher conversion rate, because people know more about you, become emotionally connected to you, and trust you more – all these without too much work from their part.

They say that “video killed the radio star” and for a good reason – the fascination for moving images is imprinted in the human brain and this proved to be true from the beginnings of cinema to real live video streaming applications we are using today. Are you going to use this powerful tool to boost your marketing strategy?

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