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Website hosting permits individuals and organisations to run a website or content web page on the internet. Hosting providers allow the files that make up a website or web application (code, images, copy etc.) available to be viewed online. As we know website data is stored and hosted on specific computers and these computers are called servers. Put simply – a web host allows you to rent physical server space on which to store the files and data which are necessary for your website to operate, hosting providers bridge the gap between your website and the web searcher who is looking for your site, when an internet user browses your website, they will be able to access your site with the help of the server.

Functions of a Web Host:

Web hosting eases the process of uploading content and making it live on your website, users require little to no specialist knowledge or the required equipment. Different web hosting providers offer different types of packages for different types of users. For example, a basic blog with little detail and low traffic numbers will require a lower level plan whereas a large website with high traffic numbers may require a more advanced service.

Why You Should Avoid Free Web Hosts:

There are a few website hosts that provide free web hosting services. No doubt, the word free causes an immediate attraction for many. If it sounds too be good to be true it usually is, so with free web hosting you will tend to encounter a number of pitfalls:

  • Content Restraints

If you go for a free web hosting service provider, there will usually always be some restrictions. You may be restricted by a data limit when uploading content or images to your website, or encounter different types of limitations related to blog posting, email sending, video posting or other activities related to your business which showcases what you do.

  • Limited Speed and Bandwidth

Free web hosting can also mean lower data transfer speeds and reduced bandwidth; you may end up being forced into a paid plan eventually anyway in order to keep up with demand. A poorly performing site will frustrate users and tarnish your image, they also tend to lack when it comes to being mobile-friendly. With the vast majority of internet users accessing via their mobile devices, this is not something you want to cut corners on.

  • Poor Support

Free web hosts provide little to no product/service support. Any issues that arise due to your hosting provider will go unresolved as the service provided is so limited.

  • Security Issues

Your data is at more risk when you store it with free web hosting service providers. They host thousands of other sites so you are sharing server space with all those other sites and if any of them have a bug or crash it’s going to affect your site too. Hackers are even able to use free web hosts in order to steal sensitive data or spread malware.

  • Spam Activities

It’s unusual these days to find anything that is genuinely free, so to make money these free hosting providers will display paid adverts on your website, causing it to look like a spam website. This does nothing for the image of you site or your business, it also has negative effects on your search engine page ranking.

  • Search Engine Optimisation Issues

Free hosting does not allow you to enjoy a fast, reliable, and secure website system that can increase your SEO ranking. Google is not a fan of free-hosted websites and pages that use paid web hosting will definitely rank much higher in search results.

  • Ownership threats

Imagine spending time and effort on a business website – designing and developing layouts and content to boost your business online presence. You have built your website and it’s ready to go online, how frustrating would it be to lose your website due to an unreliable server from a free web host. Often free hosting providers delete websites without any reason. Also, these “free” service providers will not allow full ownership of websites to the developers.

  • Expensive Add-ons

If you want to benefit from better bandwidth, more storage or increased performance it is like that your “free” hosting will no longer be free, put simply the initial cost might be nothing but in the long run you’ll end up paying a lot more with a cheap web host than you will with a reputable, quality one.

Australian-based web hosts vs overseas hosting

Servers are located all over the world, and web hosts may not be the most forthcoming with where their own servers are based. Overseas servers may come with a lower initial price tag but they have a long list of drawbacks that can ultimately cost you more.

Australian-based web hosting is advantageous to Australian businesses in a number of ways compared to overseas hosting. If you value quality more than cost, you should look for Australian-based web hosting in order to benefit in the following ways;

Web Hosting

o Fast and secure service

o Free from time zone difference

o Availability of full-time support

o Reducing the risk of service failure

o Better SEO rank

o Guaranteed return of money

Why go anywhere else? If a secure, reliable, better SEO ranked and fast web hosting service is available in your country. It will smooth the journey of your web hosting with its tremendous services and support. It’s important for you to know the importance of drive speed and security because it’s your right to know about the important technical factors in of web hosting process.

Importance of Security and Data Transfer Speed:

The demand for security and speed varies based on the nature of your business. If your website is not secure it means that people won’t trust your business, putting your business performance and reputation at risk. It is important that you invest in appropriate web hosting service to grow and boost your business. VMA recognises the importance of reliable web hosting – all of your data and information is handled in a secure system. The optimal speed is provided to your website visitors so they are encouraged to explore your site and invest their time in your business.

Correlation Between SEO and Hosting Provider:

Time and again, IT experts are highlighting the relationship between SEO and quality of web host. As your drive speed, data and information are factors directly link with SEO but are at the mercy of web hosting service providers.

Ignoring this critical relationship can affect your ranking, accessibility, conversion rates, and traffic on your website. Other crucial areas highlighting the relationship between SEO and web hosting service providers include:

  • Enough speed to satisfy internet users
  • 9% uptime
  • Up to date Website security
  • Automotive system of backups
  • Easy, quick and affordable changes to the website hosting services package
  • The nearby location of the hosting server

Visual Marketing Australia (VMA) Website Hosting:

Visual Marketing Australia (VMA) is an Australian company with web hosting services and servers located right here in Australia. At VMA we offer high quality and reliable services to customers all over Australia, sometimes even further afield.

If you are interested in hosting services there are four types of plans and packages that VMA have designed based on the customer’s needs.

  • Start-Up Hosting
  • Business Hosting
  • Premium Hosting
  • Ultimate Hosting

Other services offered by VMA include:

  • Web Design and Development
  • Online Video for Businesses
  • E-mail Marketing Solutions for Your Business
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing or SEM – Search Engine Marketing
  • Mobile Business App DevelopmentSEO

Get in touch with VMA today to see what we can do for you, from reliable web hosting to social media management, we’ve got it covered!

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