A well-known rule in marketing, both traditional and online, is that the greater the exposure, the higher your visibility. When your potential customers see your brand multiple times and you start to become familiar, your chances of attracting paying customers are higher. But staying visible is an expensive process, you might say. Well, it depends on the methods you choose. Some of the techniques for acquiring visibility come with zero dollars spent. You just need to allocate some time to get in front of your audience’s eyes. One of these methods is represented by listing your business to online and local business directories. It’s an efficient and affordable way to advertise your business.

Reasons to list your business include:

1. Gaining greater visibility

As stated at the beginning of this article, the more you expose your brand to audiences, the more familiar you become and people are more likely to interact with your brand and convert to customers. In terms of SEO, having more mentions on the Internet helps you elevate your ranking and be more visible in search results and that is exactly what Local Business Directories help with.

2. Becoming accessible

Listing your company in local business directories practically means that your contact information will be added to these directories and become available to the public. When someone is looking for the type of service you provide, they will run into your contact information and possibly give you a call or visit your website.

3. Developing your brand

A major asset of powerful brands is represented by visibility. You can’t have an effective branding strategy without making sure your audiences see you on their preferred channels, and listing your business to directories represents one more step towards achieving just that.

4. Providing your business information

A complete listing should provide potential customers with information such as address, opening hours, and directions on how to reach the company’s physical location, details about the products and services provided photos, and customer reviews. This is a lot of valuable information that can determine many prospects to turn into customers.

5. Very cost effective toolLocal Business Directories

Any company doing search engine marketing knows that taking your website on the first page of search results is a lengthy process. Fortunately, some SEO tactics can be extremely affordable and local directories listings is one of them. The only thing you’ll spend will be your time, and the results can be significant. It is a marketing technique with a potentially high return on investment, especially when integrated within a consistent online marketing strategy.

Now that you know the benefits of adding your company to business directories, it’s time to take a couple of hours and implement this effective tactic yourself. Before getting to work, you need to know there are two types of directories, each one with its advantages: global and local.

Global directories are services where every business in the world can be listed:

Listing your company to local business directories directories in your area is also a good idea, because some people prefer to use them instead of large directories, and for the Gold Coast area these include:

Let us know what the impact of listing your business to these directories was – be aware however that it may take a while until you see results and using other online marketing techniques at the same time is a must.

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