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Running a business is never easy and aside from using your creativity to develop products and services, you will also have to perform tasks that are time-consuming and require a lot of effort or skills that not all entrepreneurs or managers have, such as selling or market research.

The skilled team at V Marketing makes sure you have all the time you need to focus only on those aspects of your business that you want to handle, such as strategic planning, communications or management. We know you need professional help for a variety of services and we ensure your business operations function in a timely and well-organised manner.


Contact Centre

With our highly skilled and committed consultants we can represent your business in a professional and ethical manner. We are ready to handle a large volume of requests, including phone calls, social media, email, live support software, letters, and instant messaging. Our team has the right attitude and knows how to represent your business the way it deserves.

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With our highly trained and motivated sales team we can deliver your product to the customer and achieve the sales results you need to make your business grow. Sales represent a turnover point of your business operations and we know how to make your marketing efforts result in success.

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Appointment Setting

Appointment setting does not seem like a very complicated task, but in fact it is crucial for your return on investment and it can have a negative influence on your company when not done the right way.

Our experienced team will contact your potential customers, qualify them as per your desired specifications and book them in for a set date and time for your sales team to go out and get the deals in a professional and efficient manner. We put our proficient appointment setters at your service and we take you one step closer to offering a successful presentation to your prospects.

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Lead Generation

Increase the effectiveness and the success of your sales team – let us do the ground work and provide them with qualified leads. Our professional team will generate consumer interest for your business and provide you with contacts that can lead to a sale. Let us create the right input for your purchase funnel!

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Field Marketing

One of the best ways to promote certain products and services is by getting in front of the customer, face to face – our professional and highly trained field team will attain your targets. Online marketing is the biggest trend right now, but there are times when making direct contact with your customers through sampling, auditing, selling or organizing events can give a serious boost to your company’s sales.

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Customer Service

Delivering a professional and efficient customer service is one of the main building blocks in creating a successful business – our team can achieve and excel your expectations. We make sure your brand promise is fulfilled and that your customers’ anticipations are met. Our experts will increase the level of customer satisfaction and represent your business in a professional manner.

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Our dedicated team can help you organise and perform surveys so that you can focus on utilising the results to develop and grow your business. We can handle the most difficult methodological challenges and we produce accurate data using a variety of administration modes and their hybrids: phone calls, mail, online surveys, in-home surveys, street intercept surveys, etc. V Marketing knows the science behind surveys and it also has the means to offer you an excellent insight of consumer behaviour.

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Market Research

Let V Marketing help you identify and analyse your client or industry preferences and enable you to gain advantage over your competitors. Market research is a vital part of business strategy and it represents an organised effort of collecting information about customers and target markets. We accurately assess competition, market needs, and market size, creating the prerequisites that will ensure your business’s success.

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