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Just 50% of all Australian businesses of all Australian businesses included in a survey had an online presence back in 2015, so if your business has a website, good news – you already have an advantage over many of your competitors. However, just being online is not a guarantee of success, what you must have is a lead generating website!

Many small businesses still hold old-fashioned, brochure-like websites that fail to attract visitors and customers. This type of website is ineffective and doesn’t generate leads or profits. Your website needs to be designed with lead generation at the forefront of your mind and you need to be able to convert visitors to your website to leads.

So, if you have a website for your business, what you need to ask yourself is – do all my current web pages guide visitors to take action? Otherwise, you are wasting a great opportunity for attracting qualified leads and converting them to customers.

Follow our Fundamental Guide for a Lead Generating Website:

Lead generation forms

First of all, make it easy for prospects to provide their contact information and provide lead generation forms on every page of your website. Depending on what you sell and what your industry is, you can think of something that would determine people to give their email address and phone number, for example, free estimates to coupons or a 10% discount offer. Having a form is compulsory for landing pages or you won’t be able to convert leads to customers simply because you’ll have no contact information and no one to call or send emails too.

Calls to acbuy-nowtion

Make sure you include calls to action on every page because they are the logical progression of any website – the human mind is designed to expect things and is already prepared for the fact of being asked to take action. The call to action must be easy to spot and should appear as a logical consequence of the web page flow. In order to get that intuitive design with thoughtful call to action placement, you’ll need to test multiple versions of your web pages and see which one produces better results.

Pop-up forms

Pop-up forms are preferred by many marketers because they make it even easier for visitors to provide their contact information, rather than having to scroll down a web page to find the lead generation form. However, make sure the form doesn’t pop up immediately after the web page loads so visitors have time to visualise the content on the page and to expect a call to action.


Talking about expectation, how can you catch people’s attention and instill in them the desire to take action? The answer is quality content that entertains and educates prospects. A blog section of your website will keep people wired and waiting for more fresh content from you, and it will also help you build an expert’s reputation and gain credibility.Lead Generating Website

Accreditation & Trust Symbols

If you want someone to take action just because you tell them to, you’ll need to gain their trust. Effective tactics include social media links, customer testimonies, case studies, endorsements from influencers, money-back guarantees, satisfaction guarantees and so on.

Mobile Responsiveness

In the last few years, digital has increasingly become a mobile-first experience. Mobile consumption and usage have never been higher before and the co-founder of Mobify, Peter Lahan, has stated that describing the Internet as mobile will be just as redundant as talking about colour TV because we will assume that mobile is the way we communicate online. Moreover, Google has recently announced the introduction of mobile-first indexing in the following months. This means if your website isn’t mobile responsive and mobile friendly you can lose your google ranking resulting in your website becoming invisible to potential customers.

Under these circumstances, having a website that is optimised for mobile users is vital for your business, and you’ll need to make sure your web pages look good and function flawlessly when accessed from any mobile device.

These are fundamental components that you need for your website to generate more and higher quality leads and face the demands of the current marketplace. These are not arbitrary rules, but logical and proven methods of attracting leads and converting them to loyal customers.

Do you feel that making this change is too complicated for your business or doesn’t fit into your busy schedule? There’s no need to worry; our team at Visual Marketing Australia can assist you with your lead generating website. Depending on your needs, you can choose one of the following solutions provided by our agency:

  • Entry-level website
  • Custom design website
  • Redesigning your current website

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