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For 2017 it is expected that there will be 19.4 million mobile phone users in Australia – which means that almost 80% of Australians own a mobile phone. This statistic leads to the following question – how can your business benefit from the world’s addiction to mobile phones? The answer is Mobile Marketing. Here are two main aspects to look into now:

Mobile Marketing- Searching for products and services

The buying process begins with researching products and services online. It has been estimated that 89% of shoppers do their research online and approximately 70% of those will be browsing on a mobile device. People prefer to look up for products/services on their mobile phones because they can do it right away instead of waiting until they reach a computer and they often browse in their spare time and need to fill their time with some activity (for instance while commuting).

Research has shown that up to 40% of millennials research their intended purchases for goods and services on their mobile phone prior to purchase. 6 in 10 Internet users start their shopping process on one device and finish on a different one. Furthermore, a growing number of customers are using their smartphone’s location services to find the shops and services they need that are closest to them. Nowadays we can barely imagine shopping without a mobile device.

Last year has also brought big news from Google – in autumn 2016 the giant search engine has announced it has planned to start looking primarily at mobile content rather than desktop when deciding how to rank results. The reason behind this decision is that Google has started to see more mobile searches than desktop searches on a daily basis.

So, in the future, by not having a mobile-friendly website for your business not only will you be missing opportunities to be noticed by potential customers, but you will be disadvantaged by Google in the first place. The world’s biggest search engine will analyse the mobile version of your website before they look at the desktop version and they will be using the mobile version to assess the usability of your website. This data is then used for SEO ranking of your website, so it’s vital that you get your website mobile-ready!

Mobile Marketing- E-commerceMobile Marketing

The e-commerce market for mobile is becoming massive – by 2018, Australia is expected to have an e-commerce market worth $24 billion. In 2015, 35% of e-commerce transactions were completed on a smartphone device.

Aside from more convenience for customers, mobile e-commerce solutions also provide advantages to businesses, such as:

  • Fast access to your virtual store – instead of traveling to a physical location, you manage to cope with time constraints and solve issues faster
  • Improving traditional sales – connect your in-store inventory with online products and customers will be able to research the products before buying right in front of the shelves
  • Attracting new customers – a mobile-friendly website allows you to retain your current customer base and also to attract new customers, who will find your online store appealing and keep on researching rather than leaving if they don’t see what they’re looking for right away.

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