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If you own a small business, you are probably wondering which promotion techniques provide good value for your money and which are not so good solutions for your company. In this article, we will be dealing with the advertising part of your business’s promotion strategy and will be focusing on online advertising.

True enough, the world of traditional advertising was fascinating, but tactics such as running an ad on television or placing print advertisements in a newspaper are losing popularity and no longer represent an effective solution for small businesses. The present and future of advertising are online, and here are 6 reasons why you should choose digital marketing strategies:

  1. Increased efficiency

Online advertising works so well because it is better targeted at audiences, unlike traditional advertising, where you would release an advertisement on print, radio, or TV without being sure you are using the right channel and reaching your audience. Online advertising needs just one or two days to go live, cost much less in terms of production and running, and you can easily measure results on the go so you tweak your campaign before spending your entire budget on something that doesn’t work.

  1. Precise targeting

Being able to reach your ideal customer rather than pushing messages at a mass of people who are not interested in your products can make the difference between immense success and failure. Online advertising has targeting capabilities that are not available with offline advertising, such as geographical targeting, demographical targeting, and behavioural targeting. By using these advertising options you can reach your target audience easily and spend your money on prospects that are very likely to convert to customers.

  1. A/B testing

Online ads such as a Google AdWords Campaign, like many other digital marketing techniques, allow you to run two or more different versions of your message and see which one works better. This means that for the rest of your campaign you can opt for the more effective message and get the best results for your money, instead of evaluating results at the end of the campaign and without obtaining very sharp insights, like you would do with traditional advertising.

  1. Reaching mobile usersOnline Advertising

The market for mobile advertising is evolving fast and is currently seen as one of the largest opportunities. Mobile ads have grown steadily over the past 5 years, giving the rising volume of domestic internet traffic generated by mobile devices. Mobiles are a core component of modern consumers’ lives and businesses are looking into ways to monetize mobile devices in a successful manner. Not to mention, Google is now ranking websites based on if they are mobile friendly or if they have a mobile version. Since the large majority of your audience is using a mobile phone, you simply cannot miss this promotion channel.

  1. New marketing channels

A phenomenon that leads to increasing demand for online advertising solutions is the adoption of hardware like smart watches and virtual reality headsets. These devices are thought to drive this growth and are creating new marketing channels. Online ads represent the most effective type of message on this media because they are concise, attractive, and fast. You can tell with the blink of an eye if an ad is relevant to you or not.

  1. Easy feedback from audiences

With traditional ads, you had no idea how many people look away from the TV when your advertisement is aired or how many drivers change the radio station if they were not interested in your message. Things are different with online ads. Audiences do have the possibility to ignore your message, but they can also take action immediately by clicking on your ad. Unlike traditional advertising, online ads are measurable, so you can adapt your strategy to quickly improve results.

Make the decision to use this highly effective promotion method now and in a couple of days, you can have your first online ad running and attracting qualified prospects to your website!

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