Applying for Grants

With the recent $5,000 Business Basic Grant filled in just 3 hours, it pays to prepare for the next grant due out in mid-July with submissions opening in late July.

The Business Boost grant is part of the Queensland government’s $25 million dollar plan to assist small businesses announced recently.

This grant is up to $15,000 which will help small businesses to improve their productivity & efficiency through organisational development and upgrades through automated software and CRM systems.

While the full details and eligibility criteria will not be announced until mid-July, we believe it will include the following:

Information will be available on the launch date in mid-July with applications to open in late July 2021 via the Business Queensland website.

Who is eligible?

The Business Boost Grant is designed to assist established small businesses to build your business through Digital Transformation plus Marketing & Strategic planning activities as well as Training & Coaching services.

When is the Business Boost Grant Released?

The details will be released mid-July with the submissions opening late July. It would be beneficial to follow us on our social media channels to stay up to date with events & important dates so you don’t miss out.

How we can assist you?

We can assist you in many way including refreshing or rebuilding your website, track and manage leads + implementing sales and marketing automation via and effective CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), content & copywriting, strategic marketing plans and much more.

Why not integrate your website store into and Inventory management system with 2 way syncing of products and invoices synced to your accounting system?

We can assist you to think outside of the box so schedule a time to chat with us regarding applying for this grant. Alternatively, you can Request A Quote here.