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To market your business successfully on Facebook, you need to implement certain strategies and understand the unique opportunities Facebook offers, and how it differs from other traditional media. Just as you wouldn’t run a standard TV or radio advertisement, you shouldn’t market on Facebook the same way as you would market in a magazine or even on your website. We hope these Facebook Marketing tips will assist you in understanding the power of this Social Media.

Case study: Australia Tourism

If you type “Australia” in Facebook’s search box and hit enter, you’ll come across the “Australia” profile, which has almost 6,000,000 likes from people all over the world. It is one of the best examples of Facebook marketing campaigns and it all started in 2010, when the Tourism Australia Team began working on a page that is at the present date the most popular destination page on Facebook. Before identifying the ingredients which compile this success story, we need to understand why Facebook, a network originally designed for college students, is now one of the most powerful marketing tools that ever existed.

Don’t have a Facebook business profile yet?

Having a business page on Facebook doesn’t mean your image is not serious enough or that you are using amateurish tools. It is Facebook that kick-started social media and you are losing great potential if you are not taking advantage of the many Facebook marketing benefits.

Around the world

The first advantage is the wide customer reach. Not only can people find you using the search box, but you can also be recommended by friends or use sponsored ads. In the case of the “Australia” Facebook marketing campaign, whose target was both local and global, Facebook was the perfect medium. From its more than 1 billion users, “Australia” got a good slice of a few millions.

Building a strong relationship with your customers

Since the era of Facebook marketing started, brands have ceased to be abstract, intangible entities, and companies have gained a more human face. Facebook makes it possible to build and develop a community around brands. This kind of dialogue brings us a lot closer to the ideal of two-way, bi-symmetrical communication. The team behind the “Australia” Facebook page understood this very well and empowered its fans in a way rarely attempted before at such a large scale. User-generated content, like images of Australia submitted by Facebook, holiday photos with thousands of shares and likes, story-telling by users, news-jacking (inserting your ideas within breaking news information) and so on helped building a high level of engagement.

Low Cost

Guess how much it costs you to start a Facebook business page? $0. What you need to pay, though, is a reliable contractor or an in-house team to design your Facebook marketing strategy. You’ll probably think there is a lot of work behind these business pages. It is, but, on the other hand, Facebook marketing is extremely innovative and you need less people to get the work done than you imagine. There were only three people conducting the “Australia” social media campaign, and look where they were able to get to! Nothing good in life is for free, you might think, but when it comes to Facebook ads, you should know they are a lot cheaper than traditional marketing tools, such as radio, TV or print, and they are a lot more targeted. So you only pay for things that really work, instead of spending money on traditional ads that people ignore.

Your Facebook marketing campaign grows by itself

Contents shared on Facebook reach a lot more potential customers than in any other medium. It is enough for a user to like or share a page or a photo and their friends will see it, too. With Facebook marketing, you don’t even have to try too hard to reach your audiences. Once you plant high quality content in a few relevant places, it will spread like wildfire and reach the right audience. It is considered that a certain amount of exposure to a brand is necessary in order to turn potential customers into leads. It is enough for someone to just come across a promotional material in order to become more familiar with that product or service and be more likely to buy it. This also applied to “Australia” tourism Facebook page; the fact that you even come across the page after some of your friends shared it makes you more likely to choose Australia as a holiday destination. On the whole, Facebook marketing has made it possible for the participatory social media trend to emerge. The main benefits of any Facebook social media campaign is building a community and getting to your audience a lot more easily and effectively, while spending less money.

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