With an increase in malware, phishing, and other website hacking attempts, it is imperative that ALL businesses take precautions to safeguard their websites. While you may have security on your website, ask yourself: Is my web server secure? I mean really secure?

A breach of your website can have devastating consequences and potentially not only destroy your website, but also your reputation. Hackers may be able to obtain customer information from your website, receive & send spam via your email address, and be able to inject malicious links on your website. In the long run, all of these scenarios may be detrimental to your business. The longer your website remains unsecured, the greater the likelihood that hackers will break into it and expose your visitors to potential dangers.

Consider using a hosting provider that use a robust security policy and used security systems like Imunify360 to prevent such incidents from occurring and to protect your business from cyber threats. With this software, you will be able to protect all content against malware and phishing attacks.

What is Imunify360?

Imunify360 provides server-level website security against malware and phishing attacks. It prevents harmful code from entering your site and scans for vulnerabilities. Furthermore, it provides protection against spoofing attacks such as email impersonation. With Imunify360, you can run a real-time malware scanner to prevent threats from infecting your website in real time. The software can also protect your site from malicious code leaving your site and infecting other computers. The reason for this is that malware is capable of stealing data, posting spam, and spreading viruses. As part of Imunify360, an email scanner is also available, which prevents spoofed emails from reaching your inbox. By doing so, it is able to identify messages that are impersonating your company. To make the message appear as if it came from your company, you can change the sender address or include a logo. Imunify360 is capable of identifying these types of emails and preventing them from reaching your inbox. This is important because spoofed emails can trick your staff and prompt them to make bad decisions.

Why is Website Security Important?

Deceptive-websiteData security and customer safety are essential elements of website security. Malware and phishing attacks are two of the most common threats to online businesses, which are prevented by this software. The term malware refers to a type of software that spreads through computers and networks. As a result, it spreads quickly and can be infected by a single click. It is possible for malware to infect your website, causing identity theft, spam, and data corruption. Spam emails are used as a method of phishing to trick individuals into divulging personal information. It is common for phishing scams to use fake websites to trick people into providing sensitive information, such as credit card details or login credentials. You may suffer long-term damage to your brand’s reputation and your customers may become less trusting of your business. You may incur a negative impact on your business due to these security threats. They could cost you customers, data, and time spent cleaning up the mess. Moreover, an attack may make it difficult for you to attract new customers since they may not trust your service because of the attack.

How Does Imunify360 Protect Against Malware and Phishing?

Imunify360 uses malware and phishing protection to secure your website. Using real-time scanning, it detects threats as they enter your website. In addition, it utilises web application firewall rules to prevent malicious code from leaving your site and infecting other computers. With Imunify360, every incoming link is scanned for malicious links and prevented from linking to your website. By doing this, malicious websites will not be able to load on your pages and display harmful content to visitors. Imunify360 can also scan emails for malware. It can detect spoofed emails and prevent them from reaching your inbox. This is done by checking the sender’s IP address and comparing it against your whitelist. As part of its reputation check, Imunify360 also identifies suspicious emails. This highlights links or attachments that may be harmful to your computer.

Benefits of Using Imunify360 to Protect Your Website

Together, these features form a robust website security solution. They help you defend against threats like malware and phishing attacks. They also make it easier for your team to protect your site against future attacks.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from using Imunify360:

  1. A real-time malware scanner
  2. A URL scanner to check incoming links
  3. A link sanitizer that cleans dangerous links
  4. An email scanner that blocks spoofed emails
  5. An email whitelisting feature
  6. An automated website security audit

These features make it easier to stay secure and defend against cyber threats. They make it easier for your team to stay on top of website security. They can help you keep your site safe while growing your business online.


While Imunify360 provides superior security at a server level, to ensure your web server remains secure you should also have security at a website level, something like Wordfence or iThemes Security are a great start and is an essential part of running a business online. It adds a double layer of security and protects against threats like malware and phishing attacks. With a hosting provider that uses Imunify360, you can rest easy while they defend your website against these dangers. This software has a real-time malware scanner, URL scanner, and link sanitizer. It also scans emails for malware and has an email whitelisting feature. These features help you stay secure and keep your site safe from harm. With Imunify360, you can defend your business against cyber attacks and keep your site safe for visitors.

Source:: https://visualmarketing.com.au