Professional Copywriting Services

The written word is present everywhere these days. Even if we like to say that a good image is worth 1000 words, the written part of your marketing campaign remains the most important success factor.

“Who can’t write?” you might think, but the fact is it takes both inspiration and business acumen to write an effective tagline which is only 2-3 words long. And you need a lot of work and research to come up with effective web content or email copy that gets read by your subscribers and converts them from qualified leads to customers.

Copywriting is tricky business: it can be a capital letter in the wrong place or a word having a negative connotation for some of your prospects and audiences may reject your message without any apparent reason. Writing a good piece of copy requires creativity, good writing skills and research, and all these assets can be put at the service of your business by hiring professional copywriting services.

In today’s online marketing context, business owners have access to lots of do-it-yourself solutions that lower costs significantly. Even so, smart entrepreneurs should be able to find a balance between handling some business operations on their own and between calling to professional services that get the job done a lot better.

In our opinion, copywriting is one of those aspects you can’t leave to chance. This is why we recommend our clients to confidently use our copywriting services:

  • Professional copywriting services offer extensive expertise and can write for you a very wide range of marketing materials, which are essential for increasing your conversion rate:
    • Website content;
    • Landing page copy;
    • Email newsletters;
    • Blog posts;
    • Social media content;
    • Various article types;
    • Brochures and fliers;
    • E-books;
    • Whitepapers;
    • How-to guides;
    • Press releases;
    • High impact sales letters;
    • TV and radio advertisements.

All these materials will focus on the benefits that your business has to offer to its customers; you will never fall again into the trap of talking too much about your enterprise and too little about what’s in for your audience.

Working with contractors is an excellent solution for businesses that don’t need a full-time writer

Instead of keeping an in-house employee when you need just a blog post once a week and updating your landing page every once in a while, you can use professional copywriters exactly when you need them and enjoy a lucrative collaboration with a highly-motivated literary expert. Professional copywriters often have their own businesses and understand how important it is to deliver great value to their clients.

Getting the right words to work for your business

Finding the right words to sell you message is a lengthy and laborious process. Trying different approaches is always a good idea, but until implementing A/B testing techniques, you need to make sure the person doing the written part of your campaign knows how to create engaging and relevant copy. Get rid of the guesswork and start with high quality content right from the beginning. Good copywriters know lots of tricks and can use them to maximise campaign outputs without you spending money with trial and error. They are also aware of the most common pitfalls and know how to avoid them.

Professional copywriters deliver better results in less time, which helps you save money

If you are an entrepreneur, chances are you may be too busy everyday running your business and you have little time left to pay attention to details. The time you spend crafting a sales letter can be better used by handling your everyday company operations or by seeking new business opportunities. Engaging in tasks that you are not skilled at will eventually make you lose money. The results are not the best, and you realise you could have done something better or more profitable with your time instead of struggling to keep up with your editorial calendar.

Gaining a new perspective on your products and services

Sure thing, you know your products and services very well, but using industry jargon or the so-called “techie talk” doesn’t sell. Your audience is not attracted by technical terms they don’t understand. What they need is a message they can easily comprehend and which emphasises the exact benefits they get if they buy from you.

Gaining competitive advantage

If you are not using a professional copywriter, your competitors are probably already using one. There is a secret behind competitors with really good blog posts, thousands of Twitter followers and persuasive landing pages: a professional copywriter.

Building trust with a professional online presence

Copywriters can juggle between different professional styles, depending on the nature of your business. A financial consultancy firm should have a very different style to a vintage clothes boutique, for instance. If you want a local network installed at your office, you send for a qualified network engineer, so why not do exactly the same thing if you need high quality copy with high impact on your business revenues?

Having the work done fast and eliminating conflicts between your employees

So you have decided your business needs more web content, but your employees are already busy with other tasks and pass the ball from one to another. Moreover, everybody has their own idea of what is right and what is wrong and they end up having arguments. Meanwhile, your beautiful new website is still empty and its search engine ranking is down to earth. The solution: outsource your content tasks to a professional copywriter! They meet deadlines and they do exactly what you ask them.

Getting a higher ROI for your articles and sales copy

Some sources mention a staggering 700% increase of ROI after hiring a professional copywriter. The return on investment for professional writing services depends on the nature of your business and on the quality of the copy, among several other factors. However, all marketing experts agree that professional copy leads to higher ROI as it manages to meet the customers’ needs, it doesn’t use unfriendly jargon, it is revised multiple times for achieving the highest impact, and it instantly encourages the audience to act.

How about you? Would you like to increase your conversions and your return on investment? Use the services of a professional copywriter! It’s easy, convenient, and results are almost immediate.

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