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Graphic design has been around for as long as communication. The practice of combining text with images and concepts has entered a new, digital era with the advancement of the Internet, with graphic design playing a central role in websites and apps.

Graphic design has quickly evolved from traditional print designs to dynamic designs and computer animation. These have been perfected in the last two decades and are today used on a wide scale.

Graphic design is an omnipresent part of our lives and it plays a central role in business as well. Promoting products and services without using a combination text with image is unthinkable in this day and age.

As for the future of graphic design, experts talk about trends such as the fusion with augmented reality, 3D printing, impending collision with experience design and fully functional virtual reality. New technology and design concepts can offer an immersive experience so businesses can sell their products without even making a pitch.

Why is it important that businesses of any shape or size invest in design?

Whether we consume graphic design products through paper printed in our hand or by accessing virtual reality through brain implants, as some futurologists predict. Graphic design plays a central role in business, without it we wouldn’t be able to build the visual identity of a brand. Original yet consistent design/ branding help you to stand out from a vast sea of advertisements, or showcase product features in a compelling manner. Main benefits of graphic design include:

Making a good first impression

You have just a few seconds to make a first impression on your potential customers. As soon as an internet user enters your website, they only need 2-3 seconds to decide if they like your graphics and general appearance or not. Good graphic design will communicate to your prospects that you are a successful and professional business, with expert staff and experience in the field. On the other hand, poor design will make people think you are unprofessional, unable to innovate and keep up with the trends, and that your customer service is probably not the greatest.

Being unique

What makes your business unique and superior to its competitors? Some answers include the unique product, finding the right niche, having efficient distribution chains, etc. However, until customers get to test your product, you need to communicate your uniqueness to them in other ways, and that includes your visual (branding) elements. These elements make your business easily recognised and memorable, they can speak volumes for your business, so make sure you choose carefully.

Looking professional

Before demonstrating your professionalism, you need to communicate it to your audience. People will never expect you to be professional and trust you with purchasing your product unless you create that expectation through quality graphic design.

Being consistent in your marketing

Your customers are bombarded with advertisements and information everywhere they look these days. Their brains automatically filter messages in order to be able to cope with the huge amount of data they’re receiving. Do you want to create a persistent brand image that prospects easily recognise and remember? You need to be consistent with your marketing efforts and use creative graphic design as the driving vector.

Encouraging sales

Every little graphic design element, including images and typefaces, should be planned to encourage an action. Graphic design combined with marketing principles will help you increase sales and become what it needs to be: a selling tool. A graphic design expert will be able to advise you with aspects such as what colours to choose, innovative designs which are appropriate for your business or service, and photographs.

Building relationships

We are visual creatures so we are drawn to images rather than text. Building a strong relationship between your brand and its customers begins with clever design. Development of strong relationships is not easy to achieve but it will pay off big time if you succeed. Creating a brand that is memorable through its visual attributes can be achieved by using a design for service approach. Through thoughtful inclusion of design elements that create an emotional connection with customers.

Thinking Outside The Box With Graphic Design

Graphic design is one innovative tool you can use to amplify your business promotion even if your product or company is not particularly creative. Maybe your product is considered boring or not particularly appealing, you can definitely benefit from a creative approach and the skills of a talented designer. Designers and marketers combine can completely change perspective of those viewing your business. There are multiple elements where you can play with graphic design to draw attention to your business, such as your logo, branding, business cards, stationery, brochures, booklets, posters, flyers, website, advertisements, and social media.

Without good graphic design, your business will just get lost in the noise. Check out these creative examples of campaigns which have utilised creative marketing paired with great graphic design:

Tasmania Tourism – Come Down For AirGraphic Design

Tasmania – Come Down For Air relies on authenticity to attract more tourists to the island. The idea of the campaign is to invite travelers to take a break from the stress and routine of every day – to rediscover Tasmania from a different angle. This has been illustrated through an anti-advertisement concept, with crisp images of locals performing daily activities and nature stills that are far from perfect or generic. The campaign website uses a straightforward approach, with little text and scroll-down navigation on the home page, juxtaposed to pictures of nature and local people.

McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi ad from DDB, Sydney, Australia

The simplest designs are also the most effective, as this ad from McDonalds proves. It suggests the idea of free Wi-Fi by placing a few fries in the shape of the Wi-Fi symbol over the company’s iconic red background. Simply informing customers of a perk while also reinforcing the brand’s easily recognisable visual identity.

In both cases, simplicity is the key; less is more is surely a concept to follow in graphic design.

Why you should hire a professional?

A smart and effective design doesn’t appear out of nowhere. There is a lot of hard work involved after you have thought of the initial idea.

While many small business functions can be covered by their owners or staff, quality graphic design should be left to a professional. Someone who is a seasoned graphic designer possesses unique qualities, such as creativity, drawing skills, understanding of computers and design software like Adobe, and knowledge of marketing principles. Being a gifted graphic designer is not just about native talent, but it also involves undergoing extensive training in arts, computers, and marketing – a set of skills that most people don’t naturally have.

There is also the issue of time management, which is a must in every profession. A graphic designer often works on multiple projects and must manage their time accordingly and complete work on time. As a business owner or manager, you will more than likely find that you are too busy with running the company to learn new skills. Save yourself from wasting time by hiring a professional, with the creative and technical know-how to get it done in a fraction of the time.

VMA’s newest recruit: Graphic Designer Linnie Le

Anyone who is familiar with VMA knows we strive to provide a complete digital marketing solution – including graphic design. Since graphic design goes hand-in-hand with marketing and web design, it was only natural to extend this side of our agency functions with specialised graphic design services. Linnie will manage Branding and Graphic design and is here to turn your idea or concept into reality. Read more about Linnie, her skills, and her experience here!

Looking to develop your company’s visual identity through stunning graphics? Contact us for your graphic design and branding needs today!

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