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You are a business owner and taking things step by step? You feel like some marketing innovations are a bit too much to try for you? Then keep on reading to discover how integrated marketing automation can make your life easier, maximize business, and bring you more profits.

It is a staple in today’s digital world to have a CRM that does automated marketing, and not without a good reason, or at least 7, we’d say:

1. The marketing funnel made easy to handle

CRM software not only allows you to implement this marketing concept within your business strategy, but it helps you do it in a more effective manner.

The marketing funnel is an ideal process where customers go from prospect to lead to customer and then to repeat buyer. Sounds simple, but in order to achieve this, you’ll need to select the right prospects, attract their attention, nurture them until they make the purchase, and provide a high-quality service to make them buy again. Marketing automation allows you to measure and monitor what goes on at every stage of your marketing funnel, so you don’t waste time and money on prospects who will not reach the bottom of the funnel.

2. Scalability

Whether you are a start-up company with a marketing team of one or a larger enterprise, you always want to optimise your efficiency. And this is possible only when you have an accurate view of your situation at any moment. Instead of measuring results at the end of the campaign, you can monitor the performance of your marketing efforts along the way and make the necessary adjustments in time.

3. Target potential customers across multiple channelsall-in-one-CRM

CRM software allows you to store valuable data about your prospects and have access to it in a matter of seconds. Since not all prospects are reachable through the same channel, marketing automation software makes it easy for you to select customers by preferred channel and other criteria and take the necessary action just for one slice of your audience.

4. Fast reporting

CRM applications can give you fast insight on various aspects of your marketing campaigns, with less time spent scrolling through pages of data and moving from one sheet to another to follow a certain piece of information. A wide range of report types are available, and they are generated automatically, with minimum effort from your part.

5. Never stop A/B testing your campaigns

Marketing Automation

Aside from monitoring your campaign performance on the go, you can also test different messages or versions of the same message at the same time. Moreover, you will find how each message performs, so you can stick for the one with the highest effectiveness in terms of audience engagement and response.

6. Save time managing your social media campaigns

It is impossible to imagine the deployment of a social media campaign nowadays without using automation tools, which allow you to plan and schedule posts. Instead of using a different application for this, you can manage your social media posts directly from your CRM, while also finding out immediately how your posts are performing.

7. Re purposing existing content to nurture leads

Valuable content requires time and skill, so many business owners resort to the solution of re purposing content. Let’s say you have some older blog articles that are still relevant, and you can use that content to run an email campaign. You can also use blog or other content to create autoresponders, which are easy to set up and manage with marketing automation tools.

So, marketing automation is no longer a matter of ambition or innovation, but simply the right and effective way of doing marketing for businesses nowadays! Want to give it a try? VMA can help – contact us for further advice!

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